Welcome, welcome.

Today is bright and sunny.  And cool.

I feel deceived. 

There was so much hype when I moved to Tennessee.  “Ooh, it’s hot there.  And humid.  Don’t forget humid.  You’ll turn to water in two seconds flat.”  Yep, that’s me.  The power of going from Emmie to water in two seconds flat.

It’s hovered in the mid-eighties lately, nothing spectacular in the humidity realm.  It’s actually quite lovely.

I will say, however, that Nashville has held something entirely unexpected.  I get this warm little glow just thinking about it.  Basking, basking….

Okay, I’m back.  Nashville is an absolute haven for my writing.  I’ve written over 80 pages of Sarah’s story, getting that down on paper.  That puts the page count at 182 and the word count nearing 100,000, right on schedule.  It looks like I will be finishing up within the next week or so.

Just think.  Whether or not I ever get published is moot.  Soon and very soon, I will be a novelist.  Imagine that.  The warm glow is back.

The novel is the first in a trilogy.  I started in the middle, in book The Second, and then went backwards.  Here’s a rough, sketchy, hodge-podge of an outline for you:  a snapshot of book The First.

Sarah Jensen is one of those rare people who experience a near-death moment.  She’s one of the even rarer who skips the “near” part and just ends up dead.  But then she comes back, and from the helter skelter of the beyond, brings visions with her.  Things that will happen, things that might have been, things that shouldn’t exist.  Vampires and other creatures roam in Sarah’s mind, and no one can tell her why.

Unbeknownst to her, Sarah is an Awakened, a kind of seer that died out eons before.  Some Power brought her back and gave her the visions, and she’s plunged into the world of the Outdwellers.  Beautiful, deadly, and secretive, they make up a part of society that until now only existed in myth and legend.  Vampires.  Witches.  Shapeshifters.  Seers.

And she’s about to find out that she’s more important than anyone thought.

Well, that about does me for my first post.  Future book jacket, right there.  I hope you liked it. 

If you start this journey with me–which I would enjoy ever so–please make yourself known. 

Emmie Mears, over and out.


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