It’s a new day, a shiny world.

Friday, to be exact.  And who doesn’t love Friday?  Especially the very type of Friday that comes directly in front of a Three Day Weekend.


Life in the world of Emmie today is a productive thing.  Some days, it’s much more of a lazy thing, but today I feel productive.  I’ve done quite a lot of writing–not so much on Primeval, mind you, but reviewing other’s work.  It’s been a kick.  It’s a writing exercise in and of itself.  It forces me to think critically about other’s writing, and in turn, forces me to think critically about my own.

This weekend finds me en route to a couple different places.  I’m off to Knoxville to see a good friend, and then on to South Carolina for some quality time with my grandparents.

Sorry to be so boring today.  I plan on doing some work on Primeval this weekend, so bear with me in hope that I will have news soon of it’s new state of being:  complete.

Have a wonderful weekend!  Watch out for sycophants.


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