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October 5, 2008

Do you know what day that is?

October 5, 2008 is the voter registration deadline for many states.  It varies a bit, but in the majority of states, voters must be registered 28-30 days before the general election.

October 5 is one week from today.

Why should you vote?  There’s a question.  First of all, it is my personal belief that it’s your duty.  We’re not big on the D-word in America, unless that D-word is divorce.  But I believe it is every citizen’s duty to vote for who will lead this country.  Or whichever country you happen to live in.

Voter turnout can play an integral role in the shaping of the country’s government.  It is absolutely vital to the democratic process for people to exercise their rights to vote.

Speaking in broad generalities, most young voters prefer Obama to McCain.  The 18-35 demographic is HUGE.  If we all came out to vote, it could make a serious difference.  The Evangelical demographic is also huge.  If they vote in large numbers, they make a difference.  If you need convincing, look at the White House.  Specifically look at who runs the Oval Office.  (ahem…*cough*)

So, I really think people can make a change if they put their minds to it.  If every person in this country voted (the eligible ones), who could say what would happen?

So please.  If you’re 18 and not in jail for a felony, get your ass to a registration booth, then subsequently yank said ass to the polling stations on November 4.

We can make a difference.  Yes, we can.  So get to it.

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