I seem to be developing the propensity to title my blogs with questions.  Oh well.  For now, it can’t be helped.  I’m okay with it.

I wrote about five pages of Elemental today, which was exciting.  I got through a plot point I have been itching toward for a while — it’s something that will really prove important by book 3, and I feel good about having really introduced it.  I touched on it briefly already in Primeval and have hinted a bit more in Elemental, but the pages I wrote today should really hook the reader on this tidbit of info and make them really ponder what it could mean.  Because it does have meaning.  And a cool one at that.

That’s about all the news on the writing front.  Words cannot describe how good it feels to have produced something after this long hiatus.  Maybe it’s because this horrible job is winding to a close — maybe it’s because I’m beginning to make some serious decisions about how to move my life forward, in spite of my current plight of feeling totally and completely directionless and a bit lost.  Writing has been one of the few constants in my life, whether I was stealing my mother’s expensive day planners to scribble my childish stories or filling journals with teenage angst.  It’s always been there, and I think that accomplishing what I did today was a relief in that it reminded me that I can still do it.  My goal is to write at least a thousand pages a day, or at least average out to 7,000 a week or so.  Preferably more, but I’m going to ease myself back into it.

I met up with a writing group last night, which was great.  It’s a group of speculative fiction lovers, whether fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural, alternative history, etc.  It looks like it will be a good thing for me to get involved with other writers again.

In other news, my beloved city of Nashville, Tennessee is under water.  If you haven’t heard about it, the Cumberland and Harpeth rivers that both run through and around Nashville gained about 26+ feet over the weekend, causing catastrophic flooding and billions of dollars of damage to homes and businesses.  I-24 became a raging river, and the water was forceful and deep enough to detach homes from foundations and even sent a modular school building floating down the interstate.

One of my closest friends had to be emergency evacuated from her apartment — she’s very lucky, and it turns out the water only got ankle deep and her car even still works, but thousands of others were not so lucky.  My old boss had to sit and watch from his home as a man was stranded up a tree in his Forest Hills neighborhood — Tom couldn’t get to him as there was fast moving water that was far too dangerous to move through, and I’m told the man was stranded there for at least 20 hours in the pouring rain.  There are thousands of other stories like these.  I’m dismayed and disappointed that the national media is paying only cursory attention to this disaster.  Almost 30 people have died so far, and countless others are without power, clean water, and homes.  If you are at all able, please text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the relief efforts.

I only lived in Nashville for a year, but it is a truly lovely city full of warm and inviting people.  To see loved ones and colleagues entrapped in this disaster and also being nationally ignored is heartbreaking, and I wish I could do more to help.  I don’t get a ton of views on this blog, but hopefully enough people will read this and be moved enough to spare $10.  If enough people do it, it really does make a difference.

Please help.

❤  Emmie


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  1. Sorry about the water – recently went through something similar. Hoping you get through it okay.

    • I actually don’t live in Nashville anymore, but I have a ton of friends and former colleagues there who suffered a lot of damage in the flood. The national news seems to still be ignoring it, so I wanted to do my little bit to get the word out there, even though my blog doesn’t get a lot of traffic.

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