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I didn’t get any real fiction written today.  Not a particularly good day in any way, shape, or form.  Is it June 22 yet?  I am yearning for summer, for the chance to set my life right.

I knew when I moved here what I should do, and yet I didn’t do it.  I took the tempting teaching job because frankly, it paid more than I ever have made before.  I knew the hours would be brutal for a nocturnal critter like myself.  I knew the sheer hours per week expected of me would frequently be almost double a “normal” full time schedule.  I had spent years adamantly telling people who inquired that no, for pity’s sake, I did not want to teach, damn it.  And yet I did it anyway.  The kids are the only thing that have made it worth it this year.  I honestly cannot justify my decision in any way besides that.  The stress and the things I have put up with are beyond belief.  The fact that my body has nearly given up on me is something that I hope will be forgiven in time.  (Please, body?  I ❤ you.  Don’t hurt me.)

I knew when I moved here that I ought to find a job working in a bookstore, just being around books, concentrate on my writing, and keep being poor.  That was by far the better idea.  Instead, I got greedy.  And the irony of it is that my expenses went up drastically enough that I really don’t have that much extra money.  Har-de-har-har.  Joke’s on me.  I think the universe is pointedly telling me to follow my bliss already.

On that philosophical note, I’m going to rest my poor tender head for the evening and then go face the Inquisition tomorrow.  Literally.  My department at school is being audited, which is awesome, because I’ve been there so much in the past month.  Sigh.  Stupid lady who hit me with her car.  The good news is, I can beg out and leave early because my neck is so screwed it might never be the same.

Ah, la vie.  Qui peut comprender?  (I don’t even know if that was French.  I don’t speak French, but I pretend.  Alors, le singe est sur le branch.  Mais, non.  Le singe est…disparu.)


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