Alba gu brath…

Hello, world!

No, I mean it.  In a shocking feat of bravery, this American is venturing beyond her borders this summer, proving that there are a chosen few of us who do have a passport and do realize that there is something else out there.  Whoa.  Yeah, I know, I probably just blew your mind.

In all seriousness and without any attempt at disguising my native cynicism, my country wouldn’t have such a bad name when it came to their approach to other countries if it weren’t based in reality.  Less than 18% of us even own a passport.  How sad.  There’s a big wide world out there, and it’s really quite lovely.

So, where am I headed, you ask?  Well, it’s back to the motherland for me!  Scotland, to be specific.  I’m taking a much needed (though ill-afforded) 10 day adventure to clear my head and refocus on following my bliss.  It couldn’t come at a better time.  I found a relatively cheap flight — I say relatively because dear lord, when did airfare taxes start doubling the cost of a ticket?  It wasn’t quite double, but close.  The taxes were a full 60-70% of my ticket cost.  That’s pretty outrageous.

Anyway, it’s been almost three and a half years since I’ve been back to bonnie Scotland, and it’s high time that got fixed.  So I’m off while I have a wee bit of free time. It’ll also give me a chance to fine-tune some of the Scotland descriptions in my novels.  I don’t think they’re bad now, but refreshing my own memory can’t hurt.  maybe I’ll even find some new ones.  I do have a sneaking suspicion that I know where all of the big plot to-do’s are going to come to a head, and this trip will give me a chance to explore it and record the necessary impressions I get of the place.  I have two options for it, so we’ll see which one wins out, shall we?   I cannot wait.


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