Write Until You Can’t See Land

I am feeling the burn.

It’s a good burn.  It’s a marathon sort of burn, the kind where time begins to blur to the point that you feel you’re hurtling through the space-time continuum at warp speed and you lose track of entire hours.

I started writing at 8 p.m., Eastern Daylight Time.  It’s now 5:06, and I have written 19 pages.  11,341 words.  I’d say this makes up for my last few days of inactivity.  And I’m not done yet — I’m going to hop into the shower at 6:15 to get ready for work, and I’m going to push through until then.

I’ve written about 10% of my novel tonight.  And no, I’m not on speed, or methamphetamine, nor any other kind of drug (well, some caffeine, but only in the form of tea).

I don’t even know how to express the elation I feel right now.  It’s effervescent.  Or possibly scrubbing bubbles.  Hm.

To put it in perspective a bit, I haven’t written like this since fall of 2008.  That’s over a year and a half ago.  In point of fact, I don’t think I have ever written over 11,000 words in one sitting.  It’s therapeutic.  It’s like a cleansing fire.  I feel purified.

I blame Michael Larsen.  In case you don’t know who this is (which most of you probably don’t), he is an American literary agent who wrote a fabulous book, entitled How to Get a Literary Agent, which, after reading 2/3 of in the past 48 hours, I am convinced every aspiring writer must read.  I was trucking along in the book tonight, thrilled beyond measure at the information therein, amused by the humor and anecdotes from his experience as a literary agent, and invigorated by the prospect of setting out on this journey when I had to put the book down and bust out my laptop.  That was nine hours ago.

Will I survive teaching my class in the morning?  Maybe.  If all else fails, I can assign them freewrites all period (ha) while I sit comatose at my desk.  I won’t do that.  But I could.

Anyway.  This is a hopeful day for me as a writer.  I cannot wait to finish this draft of my novel and begin revision on the completed novel I already have, with the help of a good friend who is actually an editor.  And I fully plan to implement every scrap of advice in Mr. Larsen’s book, so that when the rejections become pouring in, at least I’ll know each one is just a rung on the ladder to a yes.

Yep, that’s the optimistic spirit I need.

As my grandmother would say, “Oh, hordy.”  It has been a long night, but a much needed one.  I have been so drained this year due to a too-stressful job that makes me feel like a punching bag on a daily basis.  Maybe this car accident will prove itself to be the best thing to happen to me all year.  I have no doubt in my mind that I would not have typed the 11,000 words I’ve typed tonight if it hadn’t happened.

That alone might have made my busted neck worth it.  Said busted neck may hurt right now, but…it’s a good burn.


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