Aaaaaaugh! End of Year Stress!

So much for that peaceful sail on the coast.  More like plunging through a raging river of death.  Okay, slightly melodramatic there, but a little melodrama never hurt anyone.

My poor WordPress bloggity.  I’ve been neglecting you.  My sincerest apologies.  I’ve been rather sick.  And busy with that whole raging river of death thing.  The silver lining is that all of this junque is almost over, and I shall be free to flit about as I see fit.

This week has been not so good for actually producing anything, but I did go to my writing group on Monday and got some really helpful and awesome feedback on the chapter I submitted.  I am going to use their suggestions for fixing my chapter.  They also asked me to post more, which, as I’ve already discussed, is the highest compliment anyone can give to a writer.  So much work to do…egad, Brain.

I’m hoping — possibly in vain — to get more done this weekend.  However, my boyo’s dad is in town, so that may not happen.  But who knows?  We shall see…

Love and kisses.


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