Sigh…Irony is Ironic That Way

The last few weeks have seen me doing a lot of scribbling. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading. And then scribbling some more. I don’t take my laptop with me to work most of the time because it’s a wee bit temperamental and sounds like a constipated dinosaur most of the time. (Bless its heart; it IS 6 years oldish, which is about 97.5 in laptop years.) I have been bringing my notebooks with me, though, and it’s led to a lot of good new stuff being written to weave into the second draft of ye olde novel.

Just as I was getting into my groove thang and writing up a veritable (if metaphorical) storm, I accidentally nudged my trusty constipated dinosaur laptop off the side of my bed, where it landed charging cord down on the floor. Cord go boom, and my laptop began to quickly die. The battery doesn’t last long anymore. And by long I mean 20 minutes or so. That threw off the old momentum a little.

I’ve spent the last few days twiddling my thumbs whilst waiting for the new cord to arrive. Happily, today it came! Huzzah!

And so, gentle viewers, it begins again. Once more, with feeling. I will be diving headfirst into a lot of revision, and I cannot wait to see what happens. Good things. Coming my way.


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