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Yesterday was a blazing success of productivity for me. My fiance had music stuff to do, so I found myself plunked in front of the dinosaur to do battle with a stream of inexplicable ants and get about 10,000 words or so done in my revising of the novel and blogging.

No idea where those ants are coming from or what they’re after, but they’re prolific and make my skin tickle as if they’re crawling all over me. Ew.

I wish today could be the same, but alas my one day weekend is over, and it’s time for me to go back to work. Tonight will see me in a very short skirt serving up a new beer and hoping I make money. If they’re making me flaunt what I’ve got for the night, I better be well-compensated. As my grandma would say, lawdy.

I discovered this blog yesterday, for which I’m quite happy. The author is also working on revising her novel, and reading her blog makes me feel like I’m not so alone in this little sphere of revision. On the subject of revision, she discovered a gem of an article titled 25 Ways to Improve Your Writing in 30 Minutes a Day, which may sound cumbersome, but it is pure sparkling fairy dust, gentle viewers. Check it out.

In terms of novel, I’m right about at the novel’s climax for my second draft. Going into this next bit is going to be rough on poor Sarah, and I know some streamlining, precision, and clarity (thank you, Writers Digest) to ensure that the resolution that follows the wham pow crumbling action is at the same time satisfying and tantalizing. There’s a book two after book one, and a book three after that. I need to give my readers some clarity on the situation without giving away too much and tugging them on toward the second book.

My goal with this project is to have the first draft of the second book completed (it’s at about 85% right now) by the time I start an active search for agents. I want to be able to wave my arms and say, “Look! I can write consistently! If you decide to be my partner in this, I promise you I will work my arse off to make this a viable career for myself and make money for you by writing a book a year and each one better than the last. Love and kisses!”

While it’s not the kiss of true love that punts me toward happily ever after, having the next book in a semblance of completion can’t hurt. It can only help show that I’m serious.

Anyway, I know my characters are stronger this time around. I fixed a heap of dialogue issues when it came to a few Scottish characters whose accents looked nonexistent on the page in the first draft except for the occasional verbal tic, and I’ve gotten much closer to the tone of grit and quirk I was looking for. I’m even getting excited to start working on the final book in the trilogy, because my main POV character in that one is actually a vampire. She was born that way, and she’s three hundred years old. Writing from her perspective is going to be challenging and enlightening. I can’t wait. Ah, the joys of urban fantasy. I get to daydream all day and then write it down.

Onward with the progress! The end of draft two is in sight — I can smell it.


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  1. Good luck and thanks for mentioning me. 🙂

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