Daily Archives: September 23, 2011

Blueberry Pancake Afternoon

Well, gentle viewers, life finally caught up to me. I’ve managed to post every day for several weeks now, but this week some things stuck out their feet and tripped me up.

Wedding. One week away. Suddenly less time than I have stuff to do. Work. Always that. And most importantly, though not a happy thing, I lost a family member this week. I won’t speak much about that, because this isn’t the venue, but I will say he was loved and will be remembered by all of us. Suffice it to say that my reasons for not posting are simply that I hadn’t much to say I cared to share with the world.

My writing work has dwindled to the side for the past few days, trailed off listlessly like I ran out of fuel. Which it feels like I did. So today I am back to the blog, trying to get the tank filled again. I started today with copious amounts of blueberry pancakes after getting up at 1 PM — haven’t been sleeping well due to an intrepid little unidentified critter who lives on my roof and spends his time scritching about above my head as I try to sleep.

There are a great many things happening at the moment in my little life, and while they’re not going anywhere in the immediate future, I am going to get back to work. I’m almost to the end of draft two. I’ve been reading a couple of my favorite authors lately and picking apart their work — and have been surprised to find a lot of the same little foibles I tend toward. Namely, a lot of adverbs and passive voice. I find that I can write effective work just like they can — assuming my readers aren’t lying to me — so that gives me some hope. Until tomorrow, gentle viewers. Please do forgive the scattered nature of this post and the brain that formed it. Please refrain from eating brains, unless you are a zombie.

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