NaNoRebels: Small Name. Big Results.

Why, hello gentle viewers!

I’ve had an awesome, inspiring, and encouraging day here in my little world skulking outside D.C. thanks to people from all over the country and the planet. This post might be a wee bit on the scattered side, because there are a couple things I need to address.

First, the NaNoRebels Contest. Here are the details I drummed up from the depths of my consciousness.

Begin date: November 1, 2011.
End date: November 30, 2011 at 12:00 AM.
Who: YOU!
What A: Write 1,500 words per day on whatever project moves you. Trying to finish a beast of a novel? Git er done. Want to start something fresh? Just do it. (Swoooosh.) Feel like churning out 30 new short stories or flash fiction? Holy muffins, that’d be a lot, but you could have your own anthology. YOU!
What B: Do something for at least an hour a week that refuels you. Read. Play guitar. Go skip through a field. Swim. Swordfight. Take judo.
What C: Document! Use your phone (cos they all do magic these days) to snap a picture of your end of the day word count and something that shows your refueling. If your refuel is a bath, you don’t need to send me anything risque — I promise you won’t offend me by omitting naked pictures. Tweet them to me @emmiemears or email them to me here. You can take a screenshot of the wordcount as well and send that if you don’t want to use phone/camera.
Finally: Chat about it here or on each other’s blogs. Support one another. Get goofy. I will have prizes for the winners. They won’t be huge prizes, but they will be fun and just for you. I will use the pictures you send to make a collage of writers writing and refueling. Let’s make November vibrant and grateful for our craft.

Next order of business!

I was given a lovely award by Ms. Kana Tyler — the Versatile Blogger award. Her blog is touching and inspiring and enormously well-written, and you can find it for your own sweet self right here.


Here’s how it works:

1. Thank your nominator by linking to her or his blog.
2. Pass the award on to 15 worthy bloggers. Share links to their sites and drop by to tell them you think they’re pretty. 🙂
3. List seven things about yourself.

As I’m a wee bit on the n00b side of the WordPress community, I’ll see how close I can get to 15.

1. Ms. Nila E. White, a.k.a. TMSO. Her blog regularly keeps me entertained with her witty style and commentary about navigating the writing business. She also happens to take some stunning photographs and carve a mean pumpkin.
2. Chris Zombieking. This guy writes some awesome short fiction somewhat similar to the style of Coraline (the BOOK, which is whimsical and creepy). He also does some really cool artwork and says funny things. He is a zombie, after all. The sounds they make tend to be fairly grr-arghy.
3. Phil Rogers. Not only is he a great writer working through his first novel, but his posts regularly cause small laugh explosions and minor instances of tea coming out my nose. He turns a great phrase, and I’m excited to see him on the shelves.
4. Kristin’s Fantasies. I read Kristin’s blog and immediately found a kindred spirit. Here’s someone revising a monster of a novel and keeping a sense of humor about it. She also has a strong desire to see writers form uplifting community, and we need that. So go her!
5. To AG the Regected Riter for many mucho needed laughs and some truly great stick figures. He’s also the only playwright I have come in contact with, so I admit I have a little awe and head-tilting when I look at his blog. Whole new world.

I hate to say it, gentle viewers, but that’s what I’ve got for now. I will keep building my list and letting you know as we move forward. For now, I’ll leave you with my seven random facts.

1. I’ve lived in 37 houses, eight states, and three countries. No, not military.
2. I am incapable of getting rid of books. I sold some of my Nightworld series at a yard sale in high school and then spent about $60 re-buying them because they were out of print. Now they’ve been reprinted, and I bought them yet again.
3. I grew up in a barn. No, really. I did. We lived in Montana, and we didn’t have running water or a toilet. We made our barn into a cabin, and my room only had three walls and a tarp. The tarp was all that stood between me and two turkeys and a flamboyant cochen banty rooster named Missy.
4. I sing quite well.
5. I hate mornings. I like the light and the crispness in theory, but don’t ask me to show my face before 9:30.
6. I plan on dragging my husband to Scotland with me in a few years for permanentsies.
7. I want to learn to sword fight. Broadswords, not fencing.

Whew! There you have it. Lots of stuff today, gentle viewers! Enjoy! I’m off to my tea-haven.

Celestial Seasonings makes nectar from the gods. I wonder what part of the gods made this.

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  1. It’s all good stuff, but I especially like the sword-fighting. Broadswords – now that’s the way to do it.

  2. Gack, I’m getting all my comments mixed up. So the thanks should go here, lol.

    I’m in for the NaNoRebels, and I’ll link to your challenge over on my blog to spread the word. This November is going to be so fun.

  3. I was going to try the NaNoWriMo for the first time and read that you needed to start from scratch. Then I learned about the Nano Rebels and smiled. I’m writing a Spanish fantasy novel for which I have written a lot, but still not finished. I even draw maps for the storyline. So instead of the classical challenge, I’ll be a Rebel, I like that. So I’ll join you on this rebellion to finish my novel. Thanks! Hopefully I will find some Spanish Rebel writers somewhere.

  4. thank you for the award! it’s always nice getting compliments from people you dont know. the funny one is an odd thing though, a lot of friends have told me im much funnier online than in real life… i suffer a lot with ‘L’esprit de l’escalier’, so can only imagine it means i am actually quite slow witted.
    as for awarding others, well im not sure i even follow 15 people, let alone would be able to recommend them all. lol. i will however follow all of your recommendations and see how that turns out.

    best of luck with the nanorebels challenge ❤

    • Thanks, Chris! I don’t follow 15 people either, so don’t feel bad. 🙂 I will probably get there someday, but for now I kept the list as-is.

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