Day 10 and Novel 2


Day 10 winds its way to a close with some fabulous news.

Elemental is finished.

During my many hours at Panera today for my Corridor Writers write-in, my word count for the novel hit 111,000, and as tomorrow is 11/11/11, I decided it was done. Just kidding. That wasn’t my reasoning, but I found that the story didn’t need another 10,000 words. More might happen in the rewrite, but for now it’s finished.

You know what that means?

That means I have written TWO WHOLE BOOKS!!!!!!!

Yeah, sorry for the spaz attack. I felt it was merited. Two whole books, and a quarter million words. Geez oh Pete’s, that sounds like a lot of words. Probably because it is.

I am now about 2,500 words into book three, going way back in time and into some nitty gritty historical urban fantasy for the prologue, which is interesting but exhausting — and torturing a character is never that fun for me. I feel bad for her. She’s a little shaky, but she will evolve. And we’ll get to see that happen.

We will also learn the back story of one of the trilogy’s major antagonists, one of the superbad baddies. And that is worth it, for sure. He will grow a sympathetic side for a time — although that time is four hundred years ago.

So here we go. Book three of three. Wish me luck.


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    • Thaaaaanks!!!! It feels tremendous. I’m plowing though as much of book three as I can before my steam evaporates. 😀

  1. God DAMN you rock!!! (bowing)

  2. Merited, heck yes! You put me to shame, girl… Don’t even want to talk about NaNo count. 😉 congratulations!

  3. well done! that’s quite an achievement :]

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