It’s That Time Again

I’ve been pondering what to post today for several hours as I listened to my husband spend 2 of those hours on the phone with Verizon about a supposed past-due balance that is inconsistent with the amounts of our payments for the last five months. They batted him back and forth like one of Forrest Gump’s ping-pong balls before finally disconnecting him about ten minutes ago. Perfect.

In short, I still don’t know what to write. I was sitting down to work on the novel when the whole phone drama began, but that trickled away a bit. It’s a dreary day, and it is the day before my birthday. I just wish I was feeling better. The snot that took up residence in my sinuses has only recently vacated, but now my eyeballs feel hot and my muscles achy…and we all know what that means. Suffice it to say that while I would love to be feeling like this:

This would be nice.

I am in actuality feeling more like this:


Regardless, gentle viewers, I will do a bit of writing. It’s a scene I’ve been waiting years to weave into the story, so at least I already know what’s happening. Does that ever happen to you? I get snippets on occasion, snapshots, if you will. Sometimes they’re just that, but other times they turn into Scenes of Great Importance.

Happy writing to you all. 🙂


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  1. Terrible when you are on the cusp of being terribly sick. You just know it’s coming and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    So…yeah, might as well write through it.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you! Yeah, I have to jet off to work though, which I can’t help but feel will make it worse. I’ll keep aiming for the fairy, though.

  2. I really enjoy your choice of photos and could relate to being batted around like a ping-pong ball on the phone.

    As for writer’s block. I find the more relaxed I am, the better and the more ideas I get. Also, when I was writing my first novel, I found sometimes I needed to spend whole days imagining what would happen next. And I would alternate writing days with “imagining” days. It seems nerdy and weird but I got the advice from Aristotle (not personally…) so it can’t be that bad 😉

    • I actually do that quite a lot, but I promised myself I would write every day this month. 🙂 I did get about 1200 words done though, so that’s good. The scene is fitting in with nary a ripple.

      Off to work with my goo-like self now. Thanks for the comment!!!

      • when I read your response….i read it as “the scene is fitting in with a harry nipple”….i didn’t quite know what to make of that…but i laughed my ass off and probably woke you up from the other room.

      • “hairy”

  3. I know the snippets feeling well – sometimes whole scenes, or even parts of scenes, utterly separate from what I’m writing at the time, will just pop into my head at the oddest of moments. Could be days, could be weeks before I figure how to properly work them in, but they’ve always found the place they were meant to go! Actually got nagged about it a goodly bit in college though…had one prof actually call it “poor form.”

    Happy writing to you as well, Emmie! Hope things look up for your birthday. Any calls with phone companies quickly deplete cheer and upbeat doses of creativity I’ve found…and a cold on top of that never helped anyone. Feel better!

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