Big “Fuzzy” Bad

Me. Sometimes.

I’ve been writing through the third book for a couple weeks now. I’m about 30,000 words in, which is really exciting. So exciting I might start bouncing.

One of the key developments in this book is that we not only get to meet the mysterious redhead who has been flitting about everyone’s visions for two books and learn her back story, but we find out that her back story includes one of the series Big Bads…before he was a Big Bad. Back when he was just Kinda Naughty and didn’t know what to do with himself.

The Big Bads often have some sort of Traumatic Life Event that takes them from being Kinda Naughty and maybe even contemplating Being Good to becoming the Big Bad. They don’t seem to cope well with stress.

I made a little graphic for you to illustrate this transformation, but I am a computer genius technologically illiterate, and its glory would burn your eyes so you have to click this link instead.

Spectrum of Badness

Anyway. The point of all this is that my Big Bad has a couple of sympathetic moments, especially when you realize he’s the dude from the the flashback. I thought about making him super conflicted and broody for a while, and while he kicked and screamed and dragged his legs behind me like a tantrumming toddler, I came to the decision that he wouldn’t do that. This guy is nothing if not decisive. He knows what he wants from life and the choices he’s made.

So no tearing him up inside. Because he’s already dead inside. The parts of him that could store any sympathy or compassion pretty much rusted away years ago. Besides, their story is tragic. It’s supposed to be. And he’s not a part of her life anymore — he’s just not.

So my Big Bad is not a Big “Fuzzy” Baddie. He’s not going to get any less terrifying. I thought he might for a minute there, but what do Big, Traumatized Bads do when someone makes them feel weak?

Something really, really Nasty.

Even though I know what happens in my story, I know how it all plays out, and I’ve known for a while what the Ultimate Big Bad was up to, seeing it coming just over the horizon now is rather sobering. It’s going to put my protagonists through hell, along with a big chunk of the world.

When all is said and done, though, I think it’s shaping up to be pretty…epic.

If ONLY it could be this epic.


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  1. Oh Emmie, that was great! I really want to read your books now…once I have money to spend on things other than food and bills, grrr. I want to see this Big Bad guy. He sounds awesome, I am a sucker for bad guys. I have always had a sheepish crush on them, from Hannibal Lecter to Raistlin (Dragonlance, if you ever read them) to Darth Vader (although I can do without the heavy breathing). I followed the link to your graphic…and I can’t see anything at all?

    • It links to a PDF…do you have Adobe Reader? It worked when I clicked it…pooh.

      Re: reading my books, they’re not out yet, so they’re in that nebulous state of free for those who want to be one of my betas, ha. Though I’m hoping January will come with something that changes that (heeeeeere, agent-agent-agent). 😀

      • LOL you don’t have an agent yet? And what’s up in January? Did you ask Santa for an agent or contract for Christmas? 😉 And if you want a fresh set of eyes, you know how to find me. Just sayin’.

      • Yeeeeah, don’t have a one of those quite yet.

        January I’m going to the Writer’s Digest Conference. They have a three hour pitch slam where there are about 60 agents — many of whom are actively looking for urban fantasy. I’m hoping something good will come of that.

        If you would like to read my books, that would be incredible. I’m trying to spend December getting the first one as polished and awesome as I possibly can, and I’d like to have a completed first draft of book three by then too. Ambitious, but do-able. I already have a first draft of the second book done. I can email the book to you if you’d like.

      • (grabby hands)

        I wish I lived in the US again sometimes, to be able to go to conferences like that! I will keep my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you, although I would need to uncross the eyes while reading, I imagine. 😉

      • Oh, and my email is insaynemomo4 (at) hotmail dot com.

      • Alrighty, Jessie! I just sent you books one and two. Let me know if you didn’t get the email.

  2. As Jessie said, does make me want to read your books. Have fun! When’s that conference coming up? I predict you’ll be selling your story to an agent very soon.

    • January 20-22 in NYC. Cannot wait!

      I really hope something good comes of that weekend. I’ve been simultaneously writing, editing, and trying to condense the books into one-line pitches for the past couple months.

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