Daily Archives: December 9, 2011

Caught Up

Well, gentle viewers, just color me sheepish.

I meant to post about something else today, but I got a wee bit caught up with my revisions. I’ve been polishing up my “final” draft of Primeval, and I got sucked in. It’s a good feeling, getting sucked into your own book. I fixed a bunch of little things, textured some other stuff up a bit, wrote a new scene or two that needed to be in there, and generally read along to make sure things were going the way I wanted them to. For the most part, it’s there, but the biggest patch I was worried about is still to come, so I’ll tackle that tomorrow.

On another note, there is a raccoon living in my ceiling. The husband banged on the ceiling last night at three in the morning, and we heard its lumbering body scamper away. It thumped right where he had his hand, and he hollered — apparently he felt the weight of its body. No squirrels, then. Definitely a big critter up there…crittering.

How it managed to find its way into our third-floor ceiling is beyond me, but it’s definitely not on the roof.

Picture this guy running roughshod over your head every night. Thump, thump, scuffly-slide thump. Thanks, Wikipedia for giving him a face!


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