The Inauguration of the Friday Fellows

With all the awards that flit and float about the blogosphere, I’ve decided to give it a bit of new spin. I had an idea Wednesday night as I came off the buzz of three hours of trivia sandwiched in the middle of my cocktail shift at work. I blog every day, which is a lot. I have a lot to say, and you all just seem to keep coming back for more (without throwing tomatoes at me, I might add — and for which I thank you most humbly). I am also quite cognizant of the fact that there are plenty of others who have a lot to say as well, and as words are some of my most treasured possessions and trinkets, I think they’re best when shared.

Thus, I present to you the Inauguration of the Friday Fellows.

Each Friday, I will track down some surprised soul to join the club, someone whose work and writing I admire and whose scope I want to widen in my own little way. It could be anyone. It could be you! The point is to edify fellow bloggers and to provide readers with new and enjoyable content they may not have reached otherwise. Everybody wins! What a sexy concept.

In addition to my admiration and general esteem, the Friday Fellows will also get this nifty badge to display with pride (or hide in a shoebox whilst shuffling their feet and pretending to like it):

That's the Friday Fellow Phoenix. Perhaps we should call him Felix for the funsies (and alliteration).

Without further ado, gentle viewers, today I would like to pay homage to a charming and witty blogger. This woman was the first to befriend me on WordPress when I decided to dust off this blog more than once a month. She got me on track merely by existing and doing her thing — and because she so often took (takes) the time out of her day to stop by my little corner of the internet and leave a bit of encouragement behind.

Today’s first ever Friday Fellow is none other than the lovely Nila E. White, gentle viewers. If you’ve been hanging around with me for a while, no doubt you’ve seen her here.

Nila was one of the participants in my NaNoRebel Challenge — and not only that, she killed it!

Nila writes flash fiction, short stories, and novels. She has been working on revisions to her novel, Blood Moon, and if you visit her website, you can see some of the awesome cover art she has been experimenting with. Her novel is historical fantasy, set on the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century, and to be frank, I am itching to read it. It sounds gritty and lifelike and really, really exciting to me. I love history. I love the idea of a giant creature plaguing the countryside.

Want to know more about Nila? Visit her blog, check out her published short stories. You can buy the anthology featuring one of her stories here. Stop by and show her some Friday Fellow love and help foster the creative, friendly, quirky community of readers and writers.

Since writing the above, I discovered over at Nila’s blog that her first copy of First Contact Imminent, the anthology containing her short story, It Begins, arrived to her home. That gave me a warm fuzzy because it miraculously coincided with her induction as the first ever Friday Fellow. Go give her an extra huzzah for having her name in print — in her hands!

Peace and many, many words to you all. Happy Friday!


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  1. Oh….oh my. I’m speechless. You…make me sound like a writer or something! 😮

    (humble bow)

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