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Friday Fellows: Chris Galford

Hello, gentle viewers, and welcome to the second weekly induction to the Friday Fellows! For those of you who weren’t here last week, go check out my post about Nila E. White to bring you up to speed on who you missed.

The Friday Fellows are a group of writers and bloggers who I want to share with my readers. They’re people who keep an active blog and are active in our WordPress community, who take the time to read posts and write thoughtful comments. Some of them will be published, some not yet. The point is to honor and edify other writers and spread the love around a bit more.

Today’s new Friday Fellow is:

Chris Galford

Chris is a fantasy author who spins beautiful worlds out of the raw clay that is words. He is a poet and a blogger, and he keeps his site active and engaging. I demand highly suggest that you trot over to The Waking Den and check out his site.

Some awesome and exciting news to share as well, Chris’s first novel, The Hollow March, has just hit publication. You can purchase the e-book here or order a hard copy here. I bought it a couple weeks ago and have started reading it — I’m not super far in yet, but I’m already impressed with Chris’s use of language and the development of his characters.

Welcome to the Friday Fellows, Chris Galford! The badge is yours to shoe box or display on your blog if you like!

And then there were two. 🙂

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