Friday Fellows: Kristin McFarland

Welcome, welcome, gentle viewers to the third weekly induction of the Friday Fellows!

Today’s new Fellow was one of my first blogger friends on WordPress. I liked her blog right off the bat and was thrilled to realize that we shared a love of fantasy and Buffy, and that she has remarkably good taste (read: similar to mine) in books. She plowed through NaNoWriMo this year and won, and she has two completed novels that she’s working on revising. I’ve been watching (in a non-creeptastic way) as she makes changes and thoughtful moves in the direction of publication.

In addition to her contributions to the blogging community, Kristin is a kind and giving person. She reaches out to others and is quick to offer a helping hand or a comment, and in this lonely profession, we need people just like her. Remember Kristin McFarland’s name, gentle viewers. It won’t be long before you see her in print.

Stop by Kristin’s blog and show her some love.

And Kristin, here’s your badge to display as you see fit! Welcome to the Friday Fellows!

Fuzzy like a phoenix, rising through the days of the week.



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