May the Games Begin

Diet 2012: The Hunger Games

…just kidding. (You mean that’s not what the book’s about?)

I decided it might be a good idea to start 2012 out on the right note: with Ryan Seacrest and Dick Clark.

!!!!! ( <— Emmie is tired, snotilicious, and excuses her own use of excessive punctuation and usage of the third person in regards to herself.)

Again, I joke. What I mean instead is that for today’s edition of Sunday My Prints Will Come, I’ve decided to showcase a few of my top choice agents. Some of these lovelies will be present at my conference, others should look out for a query from moi in the near future. I’m sure they’ll all be on the edges of their seats, poking the slush pile to see what slithers out. Because they read my blog, you know.

These names are listed in no particular order, in case anyone was wondering.

Stephen Barr, Writers House Literary Agency
Anyone who says he likes “itchy voices” is good in my book. Writers House is among the most prestigious literary agencies in the land, and they represent heaps and heaps of the bestseller stacks. Stephen Barr is a junior agent establishing himself among illustrious peers, and he’s got some great sales under his belt already, including a couple to St. Martin’s Press, which is an imprint of Macmillan, if you were wondering. (I’m quite sure you were wondering.) Come January — holy crap, it is January! — we’ll find out if my voice is itchy enough for Stephen.

Hannah Bowman, Liza Dawson Associates
Judging from the blurbs I’ve read about her, Ms. Hannah could be a great fit for me. She is looking for urban fantasy. She loves historical fiction and high-concept women’s fiction, and she writes her own fiction as well. Her agency is also a highly selective, prestigious agency with an impressive arsenal behind them. She’s also on Twitter!

Ginger Clark, Curtis Brown Ltd.
Aside from the fact that the mere mention of Curtis Brown Ltd. makes me fit to piddle, Ginger Clark is a successful and well-established agent who represents a lot of fantasy and horror. She has sold oodles of books to publishing titans like Bantam, and she used to work for Tor, which is another name that makes me look like a cocker spaniel when a visitor’s at the door. Plus, her Twitter is just plain snazzy, in the sense that she seems to have quite a droll sense of humor. I like droll. Keeps things interesting. 

Merrilee Heifetz, Writers House
I know, I know. Two agents from the same agency. Bad Emmie. But…but…she represents Laurell K. Hamilton.


She also represents a lot of other rather well-known writers, like Neil Gaiman. And Robin McKinley. And Sherrilyn Kenyon. She has an impressive line of sales behind her, and she’s on Twitter, too! She’s been with Writers House for several years.

Anyhoo, gentle viewers, that’s what I’ve been up to tonight. Learning some little ropes. Not that those lovely agents are rope-like in any way. I assume none of them resemble so much as a string. But there you have it — more to follow next Sunday!

Happy 2012!



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