Jasmine-Rose Infused Truffles and Other Decadent Tales

Yesterday I went on a bit of a spree. The excuse was that I have a conference coming up in two very short weeks, but I took that excuse to buy a couple of rather expensive clothing items. They fit the style I want to exhibit (for lack of a better phrase). They’re snazzy.

Afterward, I visited a little Vietnamese restaurant and treated myself to a delectable noodle bowl, somewhat reminiscent of the ones we used to get when I was just a wee thing at Thanh Thao, a Thai-Vietnamese restaurant that my family used to frequent in Portland, Oregon (sidebar: I can’t believe that place is still going strong after over fifteen years). After that, I went to a nearby tea shop and discovered something so salacious that it consumed a bit of my day. Beyond the rich, brewed Thai tea I bought to quench my thirst – far, far beyond.

Just looking at this makes me feel languid. Photo brought to your senses by pickmeyard.wordpress.com

They sell homemade truffles there. Delectable, dark chocolate morsels infused with various teas and herbal concoctions. I bought the black tea truffle and the one that landed in the title of this blog – a dark, fragrant bit of savor made corporeal. Jasmine and rose petal infused. Topped with a dried rose petal that stood out like a curl of blood against the deep black-brown of the chocolate.  I managed to take five or six bites of this tiny and extraordinary delicacy. If I had a purr, it would have come out to play.

It was pure decadence. Much like the rose-colored lace I bought, akin to the pewter silk and pastel brocades. I worked a double shift yesterday, but somehow I managed to find a way to clothe my day in velvet.

I took time yesterday to relax and reflect. I began reading a new book (Kushiel’s Dart, if you were wondering – at the recommendation of Kristin McFarland). I completed a couple assignments for Kristen Lamb’s blogging class. It’s been a while since I allowed myself the moments to unwind, to sink my teeth into something purely built for enjoyment.

Delicious, for more than one reason.

Those moments are like my truffles. They can come at a cost – sometimes monetary, sometimes counted out with the ticking of the clock. They need to be savored, relished. Those moments make us from harried, vibrating tuning forks to a contented sigh.  They’re vital to all of us, regardless of our trade.

Perhaps you’ll all take a moment to share a truffle with me.

It was something like this. Photo by yinyangsuperfoods.com

What have you done lately to unwind? What decadence have you indulged in?


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  1. Sounds delicious! Jacqueline Carey’s Terre d’Ange books are excellent, her mastery of intrigue and world-building is exemplary.

  2. Kristin McFarland

    Kushiel’s Dart is a truffle of a book. I hope you like it! I’ll be sharing a treat with you today as I did into some fancy new tea and a new book. *purr*

  3. holy crap. i seriously said “ohmygod” aloud.

    I like to play computer games to unwind 🙂 Assassin’s Creed is my favorite.

  4. Belgian chocolate. Baklava. Repeat as necessary. 🙂

  5. Mmmm – chocolate truffles – mmmmmmm. What a yummy post! You’re going to be so glad you are taking Kristen’s class. I’m part of the Wana711 group and if you guys bond like we did, life is going to be immeasurably sweeter in more ways than writing. Blog on!

  6. I have the fluffy bathrobe. I have the book. I have the cup of tea with chai. What I don’t have is ONE PIECE of chocolate in this whole house! GRRR Guess for now I’ll have to live vicariously through you.

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