Emmie and the Giant Squid

Suuuuundaaaay, my prints will come…

Everyone has a dream. Some people want to be lawyers. Some people want to be doctors. Some want to excel at underwater basket weaving, or squid fishing in Borneo. Some people want to paint or take pictures, to capture moments or feelings on a canvas or film pixels.

I want to write. I do write, but I want to do it for a living. Much as I enjoy spending 45 hours a week doing something else besides writing….well. I think we’ve all had to pay our dues to fulfill a dream before.

Success doesn’t happen over night.

Ah, that one. Does anyone else want to scrunch up your face and give that last sentence the finger?

I try to ignore that sentence. I figure if I just keep plugging away, I will make myself into the best squid fisher writer that I can possibly be, and then over some night in the future, I will realize I’m where I want to be.

I believe that sometimes success does happen over night. For all the hard work we put in, sometimes chance or pure dumb luck steps in — but those are hardly things to count on. Better to just keep swimming and looking out for a big old phallic cephalopod with dinner plates for eyes.

I’ve spent countless hours working on my books. Seeing the first one printed out for the first time ever made me stare for quite a while. Over six hundred pages. More than a ream of paper with words on it. My words. Even if you’re not a writer, I’m sure you can relate to that, gentle viewers. Whether its a doctoral dissertation, a diploma, something you built with your own hands, a picture hanging in a gallery, or a giant squid — we all have something that shows how far we’ve come.

As this conference approaches, it looms like a big Moment of Truth. Four days until I’m face to face with some of the moguls of the publishing industry, agents and editors alike. (Okay, five days technically.) If nothing happens this weekend, though it will feel like a rather expensive anticlimax, it will be a good experience and show me what I can do to make myself a more salable author, both in terms of my writing and my platform.

Learning experience. Yeah, that’s it. A one of those.

This week will be preparation. On Friday, I will board the Great Ship Lollipop (indulge me) to go hunting my giant squid.

And hey, I don’t even have to go as far as Borneo.

What’s your giant squid? Tell me how you’ve “paid your dues” for your dreams! Let’s swap some tales!


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  1. Honestly? I haven’t even started yet. 😦

  2. Oh! I’m nervous for you, butterflies and all. Good luck! And above all – have fun. Don’t forget that. I’m sure you will wow them all!

  3. Kourtney Heintz

    Good luck at the conference! I’m heading to two in January. I’ve been to a couple conferences before. Learned a tremendous amount. Each one was worth it for the information learned, the agent feedback, and the eventual improvement to my manuscript.

  4. ahhh, now one could argue that success can happen overnight for people unintentionally wanting to become web-celebs when they offhandedly get caught on film doing something stupid or silly (strangely enough, these may be two distinct categories) which gets uploaded to the wonderful world of the interwebs and the rest, as they say, is not history but day after day of becoming something people make fun of and getting known for it while generally not getting any monetary compensation.

    ….to be honest, i forgot what comment i was trying to write after the first few words and kept rambling on because it’s what i do. if what you’re saying doesn’t make sense, then craft it in such a way that confuses the reader into simply assuming you’re correct. win-win

    • This is true. Some people win the lottery, which can be taken in any number of ways. 🙂

      I actually think that the whole “right place, right time” thing has heaps to do with success for most people. I’ve met people who challenged the average post for stupidity who had lucky breaks and silver spoons for the rest of their lives as well as brilliant folks who are forced to pinch pennies no matter how hard they work. I just want to keep working and keep going places in hopes that one of those places will be the right time for something special to happen.

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