On the Road Again

Well, gentle viewers, the time has come.

The time for Emmie to get a tiny amount of sleep. The time for Emmie to embark on a journey to New York, New York with stars (and some sand) in her eyes.

For the next three days, I will drag you along on this romp with me. I promise to share some tidbits and insights, lessons and highlights. I do hope you enjoy it. I think you will.

(Sorry, I was channeling Willy Wonka for a minute there.)

The Writer’s Digest Conference starts tomorrow, and so does the next stage of my career. Yes, gentle viewers. Even if I don’t hook any elusive agents this weekend, it still marks a turning point. And probably too many bagels.

I have a pitch. I have a couple books. I have YOU! (You’re pretty much the best part, did you know that?)

So join me! Okay, since you’re here, I’ve already dragged you along, so you don’t have much of a choice. I promise to keep it light and entertaining, and I promise to wax eloquent about each and every bagel. Seeing as how nothing but caffeine and the promise of being surrounded by book lovers could coax this writer out of bed at the godawful hour of six o’clock, I already look at this weekend as a success. Part made possible I’m sure by Starbucks and an ill-chosen breakfast in the morning. 🙂

Here’s what’s going down tomorrow later today:

Megabus! Okay, so this isn’t exciting to you, but I used to ride Megabus between Glasgow and Inverness (and sometimes London) fairly often. It holds a warm blue-and-yellow fuzzy place in my heart.

Barring disaster, I’ll hit Manhattan around 1. You hear that, Manhattan? You’ve been warned. Look out for the redhead.

At 3, I’ll register and get a name tag. I’m sure I’ll get a name tag. I’ll send you a picture of it when I do.

4 o’clock: Writing About Yourself in the Digital Age with A.J. Jacobs. How to be the best you and write about it!

5 o’clock: Writing the 21st Century Novel with Donald Maass! Do you see that name? I do. Yep. Mr. Maass will be teaching us how to write books wired for a new century. I assume that will include something about singing Kanye West‘s tweets and/or autotune.

(I love you, Josh Groban. If you meet me in Central Park, I’d love to sing a duet with you. Perhaps “Fur Pillows Are Hard To Actually Sleep On” or “Do You Know Where To Find Marble Conference Tables? I’m Looking To Have A Conference…But Not Until I Get The Table Though.”)

6 o’clock: Pitch Perfect with Chuck Sambuchino. This guy’s the editor of that writer’s bible: Guide to Literary Agents. Oh, yeah. Also a general awesome guy, and a rather genial one at that. He’s even tweeted at me a couple times! I felt special.

8 o’clock: Emmie Hyperventilates. This is due to what I’m doing at 8:15, which is a pitch-honing session one-on-one with a Writer’s Digest Editor. I registered way early (apparently was one of the first 20), and thus am one of…um, 20…to have been so fortunate to get this shiny gem of a quarter hour.

That’s what I have to expect, and what YOU can expect to hear about! Stay tuned for my misadventures as Em and Em (did I mention my friend is meeting me there?) in the Big Apple.

I’ll leave you with perhaps the most beautiful thing on the internet:


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  1. Best of luck to you!

  2. I can’t imagine you not being successful. Looking forward to your journey!! Have fun!

  3. Best of luck! See you there. 🙂

  4. Good luck! And have fun!

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