Much Belated Blog Awards!

I fail. My excuse is that I was all a-flutter getting ready for my conference, but I rather left this blog post out in the cold — in January, no less! I was the joyful recipient of two blogger awards this month, the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Inspirational Blogger Award.

So, without further ado, allow me to explain the “rules” and how I decided to use them more as…guidelines. 🙂

For the Inspiring Blogger Award:

Steampunky. I like it.

The rules are that you link back to the lovely person who gave you the blog. In my case, it was Carrie Daws — thank you, Carrie! Then you share seven things about yourself and pass the award onto fourteen people.

For the Kreativ Blogger Award:


Heaps of thanks to the lovely JM McDowell for passing on this pretty gem! The rules for this bad boy are to share ten things about yourself, and then pass it on to six bloggers.

Here’s where I am going to get a little handsy with the rules. There are a lot of blogs I’m finding that are just plain awesome. Some of them are inspiring AND creative — er, kreativ. So I’ll give you some tidbits about me, and then you can go glut yourself on these lovely people. Sound good? I thought so.

1. A Daft Scots Lass:  She makes me miss Scotland. Her little girls box and play Xbox. This makes her automatically awesome.

2. Surly Muse Dan Swensen: Okay, so Dan is not as scary as his name implies. He’s quite warm and friendly. And his blog is great!

3. A Yankee’s Southern Exposure: Having lived in the South and having heaps of family from the South, this blog is full of hilarity. Ever wonder the difference between “y’all” and “all y’all?” Ever hear anyone tell you, “You’re such a may-ess (mess)?” Go thither and be joyous, my children.

4. Mad Gay Man: He’s anonymous. He’s hilarious. I couldn’t be happier I found him.

5. Patricia Sands: You’ll often see Patricia around here commenting — she’s a great member of the community here at, and her blog is full of thoughtful insight great writing in general.

6. Kourtney Heintz: I had the pleasure of meeting Kourtney in person this weekend and having a rollicking good time. She’s a great human being and an excellent writer. Go be her friend.

7. Gina Carey: I also got to meet Gina at several sessions this weekend! She works for the New York Times and writes YA and Middle Grade fiction — a very cool woman.

8. Lisa Ann Hayes: It was such a pleasure to meet Lisa in NYC this weekend. She’s an established singer-songwriter as well as a writer of contemporary women’s fiction. And she has great taste in bookstores.

9. The Urban Misanthropist Funny and touching and insightful — what more do you want from a blog?

I like the number 9, so I will stop there. There are so many blogs in this world! I know there are some truly fantastic ones out there that I have yet to discover, but I will show you more as I explore the interwebz. 🙂

Now. Stuff about me that you don’t already know. Hmmm.

1. I grew up with two moms. Some of you might know that already, but if you don’t, there you have it. I fully and achingly support gay marriage. I had a wonderful childhood full of love, and I grew up no weirder or more messed up than the products of straight families.

2. I once got a kitten from a homeless man who threw it on the counter of the Dairy Queen where I worked. It was a “please forgive me for making lewd comments” sort of gift. He tossed the little guy on the counter and left before the traumatized kitten skidded and spun to a halt, tiny claws out and not-a-tail straight up. I named him Daniel. He was a lovely cat.

3. We also had a cat named Zeus who was a 1/4 bobcat. He was one muscular dude and a top-notch hunter.

4. I went to seven different schools in three states before I graduated high school.

5. My net worth is negative $80,000…give or take.

6. I name my cars. The first car I bought for myself was called The Baby, and whenever I spoke of her, the “the” was included. “Why, hello, The Baby. How are you today?”

7. I have a terrible metabolism. I get a ton of exercise at my job, but it is very difficult for me to not gain weight.

8. One day I want to build a home in Scotland. A stone cottage with a library and a trellis.

9. The first nightmares I remember having were of a cartoon Beetlejuice coming out of my pillow.

Well, gentle viewers, there you have it! If I named you in the blog awards, I’ll let you choose what to do with them — you can have them both if you like! I think you’re all Kreativ and Inspiring!

Love and kisses!




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  1. Ah, thank you hon! I am so glad you enjoy my blog this much! I’ve not won an award before. *blush*

  2. Swensen. But thank you, I appreciate the mention and I’m really glad to have found your blog!

    I once referred to a friend’s baby as The Baby, even when addressing him directly, and they did not appreciate that.

  3. Emmie, thanks so much for the double award. 🙂 I’m away from my laptop until next week but I swear to get to the awards posts then. Can I come visit your cottage in Scotland? And can I just say you do an awesome job of working out because you are so slender and fit in person,I’d never guess your metabolism was slow. 🙂

    • The second I stop working in a bar and running my arse off six days a week is the second I have to buy a new wardrobe, lol. But thanks — I need to start doing some proper workouts again.

  4. The awards are well-deserved!

  5. Emmie, thank you so much for the award. It’s been great fun getting to know you and following your adventure last week. I love your writing style and authentic voice and look forward to seeing what comes next!
    (I teared up at your comment about your moms. Bravo to the three of you!)

  6. Thank you for my award.

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