Emmie Becomes a Mommy!

Ah, life. It’s never what you expect it to be. Before you bust out the booties and rattles, I should tell you that my husband and I are not pregnant. But we are starting a pack!

About two years ago, a woman t-boned my car. This resulted in torn ligaments and a pinched nerve that caused tingles and numbness down my left arm and made me think I was having a heart attack at age 25. When the other driver’s insurance offered me the paltry and rather insulting sum of $500 to cover my $600+ first office visit, I informed them that I would be getting a lawyer.

To make that year and a half long story shorter, I got my settlement in December. This was it, I thought. I could finally take John to Scotland and make him fall madly in love with her green hills, pristine beaches, and golf courses veritably flowing with delicious scotch. Then I’d publish my book and we’d move there, where we would build a wee cottage in the highlands and start a family.

Just try and tell me you wouldn't want to live there. I dare you. Copyright Emmie Mears 2010

The next twenty years flashed through my mind. We’d raise kids bilingual in English and Gaelic who spoke with Scottish accents. We’d have a couple huskies and some intrepid kitties — maybe even a wee Scottish fold cat! We’d spend our summers exploring Europe and Asia and Africa and our Christmases in the States with our families. I’d have a library to write in and shelves of books to surround me. Spouse would have a recording studio in the basement, and our kids would run amok through the highlands and learn to swim in freezing cold lochs.

Funny how a little piece of paper can make weeks of daydreaming evaporate.

This particular piece of paper is known as a 1099. It’s also a piece of paper that I had no idea would arrive. Back when I was teaching, my program gave us a grant through Americorps to cover the cost of either our grad school tuition or to repay student loans. How great, right? Apparently not so much. They failed to inform us that this grant was taxable income. So when I hit a rough financial place this year and used it to pay Sallie Mae, they started tallying up what I spent, and that amount (about $4000) got stamped on the 1099 and arrived at my door a couple weeks ago.


That’s the sound of my tax return (and my daydreams) evaporating. Now, instead of possibly getting a hefty return, I’m looking at owing a significant amount. Did I mention I’m broke? Thanks, Well-Known Teaching Program for your full disclosure. I appreciate your forthrightness.

Scotland suddenly seemed very far away, even farther than a jaunt over Greenland and skirting the Atlantic. No way could I pay for two plane tickets, a month’s worth of bills (two weeks off work for both of us when neither of us get paid vacation) and keep us in scotch and haggis for the duration of a trip.

What seemed a sure thing turned to ash. I twisted through different options, trying to figure out how I could save $500 a month for the next nine months to afford it when Spouse is down one of three jobs. I’ve never been great at math, but one theorem I know quite well is the one that says you can’t bleed a stone.

In spite of that, I did have a little chunk of change from my settlement. Between working full time slinging beers and working full time to grow my platform and write, Spouse has been feeling a bit neglected.

So I hatched a plot one day at work on my break. And I found something that weΒ canΒ do, something that we have wanted to do for a while. And so, gentle viewers, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of our clan.

She is six weeks old, and she’ll come home to us on March 2. This, my friends, is Buffy.

Come on. You know me. What else would I name her?

Buffy is a Siberian Husky — she’s playful and energetic. Her parents are gorgeous and healthy dogs. We had decided earlier to go to a breeder — not because we don’t want to rescue a dog, but because we wanted to raise her ourselves from a puppy. Huskies are very independent, strong-willed dogs, and they require consistency from the start. They also love to have a companion, so we decided to rescue a kitten.

I don’t have a picture of Buffy Puppy’s kitteh counterpart yet, but we’ve filled out adoption applications at two local shelters, and we’re either going to bring home an adorable little ginger kitten who is about 16 weeks old or one of four little babies from a litter rescued by a different shelter. Ironically, one of those kitties’ names is already Buffy. If we get her, she might need a name change.

Thus begins our pack.

For now, Scotland will have to wait, as much as it grieves me to say it. Money and financial freedom will come in time, and until then, we’ll build our family.

Has life handed you a ticket to a change in plans recently? What did you do with it? I’d love to hear from you!

And to show my love for all of you, here’s your belated Valentine’s Day gift — some cute overload to brighten your Wednesday doldrums.

She's our little polar bear!

Buffy Puppy wore herself out trying to out-play her littermates. πŸ™‚

Pouncing is very important for puppies.


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  1. Kristin McFarland

    Be careful: I will steal your puppy.

  2. I’m sorry to hear of the woes that led to this delightful moment, but Emmie, I’ve one true thing to say about this post: HUSKIES!!!. I love those adorable little fur-balls. Husky puppies = winning, in my book. Enjoy!

    • I knooooowz. Isn’t she precious? Face.

      While we were visiting her, one of the other little fuzzballs crawled under my knee on the floor and nuzzled in…then when I picked him up, he snuggled under my sweater and three of his siblings followed. I had a den of puppies inside my shirt. I think it’s safe to say that moment was a happy one.

  3. So cute! I definitely want a husky.

    • They are fantastic dogs if you’re up to the challenge of raising them well. They are really strong-willed and can be immensely stubborn. They also get destructive when they get bored, so they need HEAPS of exercise — and they aren’t that good around small animals (cats included) unless they’re very well socialized when they’re young. But all that for me sounds fine — John and I need a reason to get out more, and we live next to a massive state park. I’m so excited to get her and trying to brainstorm ways she can utilize her pull instinct for something other than the leash. πŸ™‚

  4. Oh my gosssshhhhhh!!!! Look at that face! Look at those paws!!! Look at that nose! Look at, hell, look at everything!! πŸ˜€ She’s an adorable ball of fuzz. I bet you, with the amount of love she gives you, Scotland will fade to the backburner fairly quickly. Huskies are super smart, and they love to “talk,” from what I hear. How freaking cute is that?? Have you checked out Mishka the Talking Husky’s YouTube videos? To. Die. For. πŸ™‚

    Sorry the gubment took your $$ away, but they’re really good at that. 😦 Good for you for being proactive and starting a pack–Scotland shall wait! πŸ˜€


    • Eh, it’s not so much that I mind paying the tax on that as that I had NO idea I would have to. Bleh.

      My hope is that puppy, kitten, and the two of us big furrballs (heh) will all end up in Scotland eventually. I think puppy would like to romp there.

      I LOVE Mishka the talking dog. Huskies are really chatty and don’t bark that much, though they do howl when they feel the need. πŸ™‚ You should have heard Buffy Puppy with her littermates — they all got chatty for a while and did their baby “Rooooo-raaawwwwrooooo.” SO CUTE.

  5. Well, you know how I feel about the IRS. I feel your pain. But the puppy! SO SO CUTE!

    • Honestly, my annoyance has nothing to do with the IRS. I’m glad to pay my taxes, because I’d rather do that than have to pay another way like people do in other countries. My annoyance stems from the fact that we weren’t told by our program that our grants fell under taxable income — I’d never gotten a grant that was taxable before, and I feel very misled by the program for not making that clear. I don’t exactly have $1000 lying around, and I can only hope that the interest I paid on my student loans this year is enough to offset the burden of paying taxes on $4000 of magically appearing income. :/ I would have budgeted much differently over the last several months if I had any idea paying off my loans with that grant would alter my tax situation so much.

  6. This is an adorable pup!

    I must quibble with your shelter terminology. The actual term you’re looking for is limited admission shelter. I believe your linked wiki article touched on the differences between limited and open admission shelters.

    I work at an open admission shelter. And I understand why it is such. It is not called a ‘kill-shelter.” That’s similar to saying that pro-choice people are pro-death.

    I could rant a bit more about no-kill/ limited admission shelters, but that’s not the point. If you want to know more, let me know.

  7. What an adorable puppy! Congrats on becoming a mommy. πŸ™‚ I’ve never visited Ireland before but I soooo want to.

  8. Love the “She’s Our Little Polar Bear” picture. What a stunning pup!!!

  9. the urban misanthropist

    Almost got excited there – but the puppy is great too! I had an Alaskan Malamute when I lived in Minnesota as a kid. She was a resue dog, but incredibly smart and friendly.

    And try not to stress about the money thing too much, as long as you’re moving forward, you’ll be fine…

  10. Very cute puppy. Mmmm … fuzzy …

  11. Ooooh! She’s so adorable! I wish I wasn’t allergic to dogs….

  12. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E. pup – you will have so much fun together … and a kitten too! Heaven! The money thing will pass and you will one day live your dream in Scotland. I’m a believer. In the meantime, enjoy all this love you are bringing into your life.

  13. I love your puppy!!!! Its soooooooooo adorable!!!!

  14. So cute. I love dogs! I has a Siberian husky as a kid. Great dog. πŸ™‚

  15. Okay, first off Emmie ~ your description makes me want to romp off to Scotland! I love the description of your dream. Don’t give up on it πŸ™‚

    Also, Buffy is super adorable. Oh my gosh! I had a husky years ago and he was the cutest thing. You’re right, very strong willed and they looooove to run.

    Have fun building your family!

  16. Awwww! Buffy is beautiful! Congrats Emmie! πŸ˜€

  17. What a cutie! And when you’re able, I think she’ll love Scotland. πŸ™‚

  18. Awww, super cute. I love huskies, too. I got my Sheena, who is a husky/shepherd mix, a couple of years ago from the Humane Society when she was 5 years old. She already had nearly a lifelong history of showing up at that shelter (about 5 different times in all), so I knew going into it that she was (and still is) an escape artist. Sounds like you know their other traits very well. If Sheena sees a rabbit or squirrel, hang on tight, because chasing it is all that matters. And she loves to talk — it’s hilarious! And she loves to pull. I rigged up a bracket on my bicycle, put a harness on her, and what a blast for both of us. But Sheena is also the sweetest dog to other dogs and to people that you could hope for. You guys will have such a great time with Buffy. Congratulations!

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