Call Me George!

Today, I did the kitten dance.

After a long day of work yesterday (15 hours broken only with some sushi and plum wine on my break — just one glass, mind you), I poured myself into the bathtub and then into bed around 4:30 a.m. only to wake up at 9:30 for…the kitten interview.

Spouse and I are looking for a kitten, and we have applications at a couple of shelters. Today I had my first interview.

It took an hour.

This made it the longest interview I have ever done. I answered questions about kitten-proofing the house, cat-training techniques, how I would respond to inappropriate kitteh behavior, how I felt about declawing (and could I describe the actual procedure used to declaw cats), whether or not the kitty would be allowed outside, how I would introduce the kitty to Buffy Puppy, and more. I answered questions about what might make me give a kitty back to the shelter. I told stories about my family’s cats and our history with animals in general. How much money I expected to spend per year.

And that was only the first interview!

Tomorrow, Spouse and I will go to an adoption event to talk to people in person about our future kitten experience. I feel like we’re adopting a child. They might even do a home visit.

I never thought I’d feel this nervous about getting a cat.

In my mind, this is how our future kitteh looks when she thinks of us.

We don’t have any vet references, but I promise we’ll be good kitten parents.

I feel like a lot of my life lately has been just sending bits of me out into the ether going, “Oh, please! Pick me! Pick me!” Query letters. Adoption applications. All trying to sell myself as someone to be involved with, be it representing my writing or welcoming a little furball into the family.

What I’m longing for is for those decision-makers to look through their slush pile of queries and applications and reach out a paw.

Yes, in this scenario, I am a duckling. Thank you, O Powerful Cheezburger, for this picture.

Sure, all those ducklings look alike. I look at that picture, and I imagine all the little ducklings quacky-squeaking around, trying to be the best darned duckling they can be, hoping someone will pick them. I floss. I avoid adverbs. I will keep my kitten’s phalanges intact.

I hope the time is coming where I get to be someone’s George. I’m in a basket in the sun, trying to show off my golden fuzzy down and my ability to grow into a fine specimen, and I’m just waiting for the paw to come down and tap me into the game.

So. All you agents and shelter volunteers out there: I’m here. I’m the one you want.

Call me George!

Now. Who wants to see a real kitten dance?

Have you ever felt like a duckling in a basket? Have you ever felt like your life was dependent upon the choices of others? Do tell!


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  1. So cute! I’m sure you’ll be approved in no time.

    Anytime we put ourselves out there for something—a new job, shopping a manuscript, kitten adoption—all we can do is do our best. The decision comes down to someone else. We can do everything right, do everything we’re told we have to do, and still be told, “sorry, maybe next time,” or worse, be told nothing at all.

    I went through that with one novel. But to my amazement, I keep working on it as well as a second one. And I’ll try again. Where did that part of me come from? But I’ll find a way to make it happen. And so will you! You’re doing everything right. But it is hard when you’re waiting for someone else to say, “Yes—you’re the one!”

    I believe you’ll find that someone soon.

  2. My goodness! That’s a looong process. It’s great that they want to make sure you’re going to be involved, but with the rate of cats being euthanized, you’d think they’d keep it a bit shorter. :-/ Sorry you’re doing so much jumping through hoops. 😦 I hope your forever kitty finds you soon! ((Hugs))

    P.S.–15 hours of work?!!? Woman, you are a muh-sheen!!! 😀

    • My manager hates me, I think. I can’t handle those days — I am in so much pain today, and I have to work another long one tonight (5-2:30).

      I hope we get our kitty!

  3. I hope you get a little boy kitteh so you can call him Spike.

    All you can do is keep working and trying to be the best darn ducky in the ducky basket! Best of luck with the kitty queries and the novel queries.

  4. Wow, Emmie – I was asked a few questions while filling out paperwork for our cat last year but nothing like your process.

    I know your work will get picked because you’ve got the bug AND the drive. It’s just a matter of hanging in there.

  5. Love that kitten dance – brings back so many memories, thank you

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