I Got Sunshine

No, for real.

It’s bright and golden and morning and it looks an awful lot like something I think of as…spring.

I’m feeling allegorical this morning, gentle viewers. Maybe it’s the pouncing kitten purr that woke me, her tiny paw patting my cheek. Maybe it’s the creme brulee coffee I’m slurping as I write.

Français : Crème brûlée English: Crème brûlée ...

It's like this -- in a mug. Image via Wikipedia

Kitten or coffee or the bright promise of an early spring, I’m looking forward to the rest of the year. I have some great projects to work on, some new corners of my genre to explore, and what more can a woman ask for then the ability to write about demons and witches who want to watch people’s heads go poof?

This is a year to push myself. Aside from the goals I talked about yesterday, I have one other big ginormous one: to have an agent by the end of the world year.

(“mnfrtttt0,” says Willow.)

(She’s quite right.)

Whatever metaphor you want to use for life, I think I like the potter’s wheel the most. Big hunk of gooey clay, plop onto the wheel and spin. Spin until that clay looks like what you want it to be. Add water as needed. Move your hands to make a different shape or design. I’ve never been a believer in fate or serendipity — I don’t think the vessel of your life is shaped the moment you gasp your first breath to squall out your entrance to the world.

As I said to New York this week, the future is what you make of it. It’s your job to decide how large to loom and how you’re going to get that big. So many disasters can be prevented by foresight and plotting. If you don’t want heart disease, keep a healthy weight and don’t smoke. If you’re afraid of being jumped on your way home from work, take a self-defense class and make yourself strong. If you’re afraid of being swindled by your accountant, learn about investing and business enough to talk about it knowledgeably — and the same goes for finding a good mechanic.

We have so much information and opportunity in this age of the world. It’s up to us what we do with it. Sometimes we’ll still get blindsided by tragedy or sorrow, but if we live each day in the expectation of horror, we will live horrible lives.

Bad things happen — often to good people — and life just isn’t fair.

But I look at it this way: life can be a lottery. The more you shape your clay, the more you press your hands into it and form it on your wheel, the more tickets you get. So if a bully comes by and scrunches a corner of it, it will leave a mark. But you can smooth its edges and keep spinning and getting tickets. Sure, some people pick their noses all their lives and get that one lucky ticket, but if you keep earning your tickets, one day your number will come up.

Spining potter's wheel in Oslo. 1/8 handhold, ...

Get your hands dirty and get spinning. Image via Wikipedia

What do you want your vessel to look like? What can you do today to ensure a brighter tomorrow for yourself? For your family? How can you take responsibility for your future?


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  1. This is just what I needed today. Thank you! I’ve never been a big believer in luck. I think “lucky” people have worked hard to make things happen. Thank you for reiterating that. 🙂

    • I definitely believe that we make the future what we want it to be. Although that said, I also believe that some people do get some breaks that work as short cuts for them — as my mom told me once, some people don’t know their arse from their elbow and still manage to end up successful.

  2. I take responsibility of my future by setting goals and assigning deadlines. Sounds anal, but it works for me. I like the feeling of a job done.

    I know you’ll land an agent, Emmie. You’ve got talent and skill. Keep querying!

    • I need to line out some specifics in regards to the business side of things in addition to the writing goals — and I think I will take your advice about Google Calendar. 🙂

  3. I have been trying to find an agent for my book. But, learning the ropes has been something hard. Thanks for the post

  4. I remind myself that everything is a choice. And as often as I can and as much as I can, I choose writing. 🙂

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