Wednesday isn’t a part of my new posting schedule, but this is vital enough to share. With the advent of social media and the wide range it has been shown to have in events around the world, this may be the first time in our history where you and I have the chance to affect the well-being and safety of our brothers and sisters on the opposite side of the planet by participating in a movement here on our own soil.

The acts perpetrated by Joseph Kony affect not only the tens of thousands of children he has abducted into fighting in his army and into sexual slavery — they affect the fortitude and the psyche of every nation he infiltrates, and his horrific crimes poison us all. Today I ask for thirty minutes of your time and a pledge to share this video on your social networks. Thirty minutes is a lot, but a click takes nothing.

Be a part of a movement to shape history, to stand up with millions around the world to reaffirm that integral truth that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Make it known. Raise your voice. Change the world.

Bring Joseph Kony to justice this year.

I would like to add that I have not donated to KONY 2012. They (Invisible Children) are on record as only having 31% of their funds go to direct aid, which for a donor is vital information. While I absolutely support the need to make Joseph Kony known to the world and his ultimate arrest, I believe also in educating oneself about causes and their backers. There is some controversy about Invisible Children as a non-profit organization, but the purpose of me sharing this video is because we can all get behind stopping the suffering of the world’s children.

N. E. White

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  1. The saddest thing is that when I first heard about this man, I thought, oh, he won’t last long. How wrong I was…

  2. My 14 year old made me watch this video today. It amazes me that someone that evil could have flown under the radar for so many years – at least under the radar of popular awareness. Thanks for speaking up – especially regarding the funds controversy. You’re right on about sharing the message, but there are other ways to support the cause than financial contributions.

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