Star-Crossed: Menage Monday Entry

It’s my first Monday off in some time, so I thought I would honor that joy by waiting for the How I Met Your Mother finale…erm…counting down the hours to seeing Emily Maynard premiere as the Bachelorette…erm…composing a bit of flash fiction for Cara Michaels’ Menage Monday trefoil prompt!

100-200 words. Any genre. 

The prompts were:

Mmm…roller coaster. Image via

This phrase (must be used verbatim):

“have to let go”

And this concept:


Without further ado, here’s my entry for the week!

My hands clench on the rail. I expect him to come down the exit ramp. Anyone. No one appears.
The sudden hush after the tearing screech buzzes in my head as if a hive of bees has nested between my ears. I can’t breathe.
The ring box nudges my hip where I stuffed it into my pocket this morning after dabbing concealer over the angry welt on my cheek. It’s taken me all day to track him here.
The computer screen freezes on the picture. He’s in the front row. The empty seat to his right is a missing front tooth in a model’s smile. I picture myself there, stony and blank. Instead I’m here as the image etches itself into my memory.
I recall the throb of my cheek nudging me from fitful sleep. My resolve to find him and return the ring. To tell him he’ll never lay a hand on me again.
Cacophony bursts out of silence. Sirens. Screams.
I look at the picture again. His hands clutch the safety bars as tightly as I hold the gift shop rail.
I have to let go.
I drop the ring in a souvenir cup on my way out.


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  1. Sounds like quite the…erm…busy day you had ahead of you there, Emmie. 😛

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