Blood, Bones, and Lollipops

Good afternoon, gentle viewers!

There is a LOT going on in Emmie-land this week. Rain’s falling from the sky with little misty pitter-pats against my windows, the dog has her head stuffed into a chair cover with the cat pouncing it from the other side, and I have a great deal of  remarkable things I want to share with you on this somewhat unremarkable Monday.

I feel appreciated! 😀

First of all, I was the happy recipient of the Reader Appreciation Award from the wonderful Nila E. White. You should all definitely check out her blog. Her posts are full of great tips for writers and bloggers all peppered with a healthy amount of snark that I always find refreshing. Plus, she comes off with these gems of dry little one liners that make me laugh out loud. She said I could do whatever I want with this award, so I thought I would use it to build a castle.

Linlithgow Castle engraving by William Miller ...

Linlithgow Castle engraving by William Miller after G F Sargent (Miller paid £10-10-0 in xii 1831 for engraving), published in The Castles, Palaces and Prisons of Mary of Scotland. Charles Mackie. London. C Cox, 12, King William St, Strand, Oliver & Boyd Edinburgh, David Robertson, Bookseller to the Queen Glasgow, James Chalmers Dundee, & J Robertson Dublin. 1849 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But then I realised I lack the requisite skills to make a castle out of an award, so that project will have to go on hold.

Secondly, my lovely friend Kristin McFarland has just gotten married (YAY, KRISTIN!) and I am lucky enough to have gotten to write a little guest blog for her about wedding politics, which you can find here. While you’re there, shoot her a giant congrats!

The third bit of news is that my husband and I had a very long and intense discussion the other day in which he suggested I take a break from blogging to give myself time to finish my current WIP. I proceeded to balk and get rather surly in the vein of a toddler with a lollipop that’s been dropped in the cat box when the toddler doesn’t understand why she can’t lick off the sprinkles.

To clarify, this blog has nothing to do with a cat box.

I balked and surlied all the way up until yesterday at work when I discovered they had posted the new schedule. Turns out I’m the only one not going out of town for half of June, so I got scheduled eight shifts over six days next week. And my head promptly spun around and exploded.


This is all that’s left. Poof (Photo credit: cobalt123)

I started to come to the conclusion that Spouse’s advice may have been a Reluctant Good Idea, which is one of those types of ideas that parade about disguised as a bad or stinky idea until they’ve matured for a few days. Sort of like a nice brie, or a juicy cabernet.

I wish I had a cabernet about now.

In light of that, I wanted to share with you that I will be taking a twelve day hiatus from blogging. But!

There’s a but!

A really big but!

Elephant Butts

Elephant Butts (Photo credit: jmcgrath)

A few, even. 🙂

But #1

I am far enough into this WIP that I finally feel I can safely share a couple things about it. So I hope you will forgive me for my impending absence because I’m about to throw you some Real Emmie Writing News for the first time in a while. Still love me?

Here’s the working logline, etc.

A mid-level accountant accidentally drinks an experimental serum created to cure her boss’s daughter of terminal cancer.

Gwenllian Maule wants to go one day without incurring the wrath of Annamaria de Fournay, who rules their office like the Queen of Hearts, reeking of rosewater and threatening people’s heads. But when Gwen accidentally drinks a serum intended to cure de Fournay’s terminally ill daughter, Gwen becomes the Queen’s primary target for a new reason — the serum meant to battle cancer has given Gwen superpowers.

With Scotland in turmoil and a referendum for independence creeping closer by the day, Gwen needs answers. And when one of de Fournay’s associates kidnaps the head of the Scottish National Party, Gwen is drawn into the political fray with the help of a nationalist neighbour, a unionist boyfriend, a flighty flatmate, and a wee birdie. She has to choose which side of the fence to land on.

Superpowers don’t make a superhero. Can Gwen figure out what does?

See some of the inspiration behind the novel here — and the working title.

Pardon me while I prance about in apprehension. This is the first time this premise has seen the light of day, so I hope you all feel special. Muah!

But #2 

I’ve decided I want to go back to my former posting schedule, which if you’re newer around here means back to posting every day. I managed to post every day for six months, in spite of crazed work schedules and NaNoWriMo, and I feel that posting three times a week has given me too much slack to make excuses and not be consistent.

I am already generating some new content ideas, and I intend to return to some of the previous themed days. If you’ve been missing Monday Man and Wednesday Woman and my other awesome alliterations (see what I did there?), you can sit back on your haunches and anticipate, because July is a new month.

But #3

Last but not least, I will still be on Twitter, Facebook, Triberr, and Pinterest for the next couple weeks. I’m not going to vanish from social media, and though I won’t be posting new blogs, I will be working on a snazzy, action-packed month of July for you. This blog is by me, for you, so in the next couple weeks feel free to drop by one of my other haunts and tell me what you want to hear about and what matters to you.

That said, here’s a poll. 🙂

There you have it, gentle viewers. I am signing off. I encourage you to join me on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest if you haven’t already.

I love to hear from you! What do you think about my writing news? What do you want to hear about when I return? What is  your name? What is your favourite colour? What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


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  1. Setting priorities is always a good thing. Good luck with your WiP!

  2. I’ll miss dropping by your blog during your hiatus from blogging, but I certainly understand. I’m currently having my own time management issues as far as writing, blogging, social media, and summer school are concerned.

    Good luck on the WIP. It sounds interesting and I’m looking forward to reading it.

  3. Do what ya gotta do, girl! We will be waiting. Would that be a male or female unladen sparrow?

  4. I’ve had to take a step back from blogging to tackle the revision on my WIP. I totally understand. Your novel is THE most important thing when it comes to writing. Will miss your posts, but we’ll be waiting…

  5. You have my support. I find it hard to keep on top of my WIP and be constantly coming up with new blog posts. The WIP needs love too. 😉

    BTW – the book sounds like a lot of fun. Keep at it.

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