EOW Closing Remarks and Announcements

Wow! What a whirlwind couple of weeks! A huge thank you from me to all the participants, both the writers who submitted entries and those who came along for the ride to read all the awesome flash fiction.

Good luck to all entrants — I have been blown away by the response for this contest. Thank you all for putting in the time to write your stories and for sharing them with us!

A couple of EOW announcements:

  • Winners will be announced and notified on 3 August. Which gives me time to reread and make sure I pick Zee Very Best.
  • The Victor and Survivor of EOW will be contacted about their prizes.

But what about Reader’s Choice? How will I know who gets that snazzy Chosen badge?

That, dear gentle viewers, is up to you.

We are doing a EOW Madness bracket to determine the winner! To make certain that we get the best representation of what you want, I’ve opted to use a bracket instead of a massive many-option poll. I will post the bracket along with the contest winners on the third and explain the rounds then.

Don’t worry — all this information will be streamlined in the post on 3 August.

Put on your own EOW Judge Hat.

(It looks something like this:)

FGR 7/29/08 - Fabulous Embellished Party Hats!

FGR 7/29/08 – Fabulous Embellished Party Hats! (Photo credit: reynolds.james.e)

And get reading and ready to pick your own winner!

One final note: Victor and Survivor Winners will be ineligible for the Reader’s Choice Chosen Award. Just to, you know. Be fair. 


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  1. Oh, I can’t wait to vote! I already know which one I want to vote for. What the heck is a bracket?

  2. You rock, Emmie. Seriously. This was so freaking much fun! 🙂

  3. Let’s get it on!! Time to buy myself one of those fancy hats.

  4. how do you vote ? I mean I read them, but is there a button to click on ?

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