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Songs to Slay Zombies: ZAP Playlist

We’re on to Round Two of EOW Chosen voting! Congrats to our two advancers from yesterday, N.E. White and C.F. Waller!

Match 3

Afsaneh Khetrapal, “Long Overdue” versus Jeffrey Hollar, “At Journey’s End”

You can read these entries HERE.

Match 4

Eleni Sakellis, “Honeymoon at the End of the World” versus Ruth Long, “Original Sin”

You can read these entries HERE.

Now are you ready to rock? 😀

I can’t work out to the beat of my own heart. I need some tunes to get going. Plus, I love the training montage in my head complete with a horde of zombies slavering at my heels.

So here are my favourite bits of music that get my blood and body pumping. Enjoy!

1. Albannach — Self Titled

I listen to the full album during cardio sometimes. Not only does it include a nice 4 minute warm-up before plunging into high-energy drumming, but the album has highs and lows that make intervals natural and fun. Just try and tell me this music doesn’t light a fire under your kilt.


When I’m coming to the end of a cardio workout and want to power through another fifteen minutes? Get ready.

2. Rob Zombie, Dragula

Ever since I first heard this song on the Matrix soundtrack, it’s been the “Fuck yeah!” song for me. (By the way, you can find that on YouTube too — it’s a killer remix that’s even darker and grittier. Which you need when you’re fleeing or fighting zombies.

3. Rob Zombie, Never Gonna Stop

This song gets me moving. I have it on a playlist right after Dragula, and it keeps the pace up, keeps me going toward the goal.

Love Rob Zombie. Love him.

Time for a serious throwback…

3. Powerman 5000, When Worlds Collide

Talk about intervals. The build in this song is perfect for short, high intensity bursts followed by steady, controlled action. Plus, I still remember seeing it on TRL way back in the day with Carson Daly. I think that was the same summer as Nookie.

Kills it.

4. Orgy, Stitches

Holy throwback — this might have even been the same summer as Nookie and When Worlds Collide. This song is great for keeping it controlled and steady for a few minutes.

5. Miss Kittin, Kittin is High

Miss Kittin just rocks in general. Her music keeps a pulse throughout, and it will get you through the tough parts in a workout. Need a little female badassery? Look no further…

6. Miss Kittin, Barefoot

Kick some ass barefoot tonight.

Need I say more?

I need music that makes me feel dangerous. Which makes sense, considering I need to imagine zombies chasing me to want to run.

I also switch it up between Muse, Meshuggah (if you want to get REALLY hardcore), and a few others.

What’s your favorite Zombie Apocalypse Preparation soundtrack?

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