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The Chosen One: EOW’s Readers Have Spoken

Take a moment.

Pat yourself on the back. Or on the bum. Whichever is more convenient. Kiss your lover. Eat a biscuit or a nice scone. Pat a puppy.


You’ve survived the End of the World.

Almost a month ago, we brought forth the apocalypse. We had a Victor. We had a Survivor. And now the people have spoken.

No, seriously. The people spoke. And a lot of them were from the Philippines. (217 of them today alone!) Which is awesome, because I like to think of the End of the World as a sort of global moment of sheer panic, sort of like America’s Election Day in 2000. Or worse, 2004.

(The faster you begin nodding sagely and smoking a bubble pipe, the faster I’ll get to the goods.)

(Are we all nodding sagely and blowing bubbles now?)


Today, gentle viewers, you spoke up and selected your Chosen One. I am overjoyed to announce that the winner of the Chosen Badge is….

Afsaneh Khetrapal!!!


Many congratulations to the fabulous Afsaneh for coming out on top of the bracket! Afsaneh, I will contact you in the next 24 hours about your prizes — but for the joy of immediate gratification, snag your badge and wear it with pride!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in EOW. You have all been tremendous sports, and I have had a blast hosting this contest. It’s been a joy to see everyone coming together in voting madness *wipes away tear* — and I’m happy to end this almost-month-long journey by dubbing Ms. Afsaneh Khetrapal…the Chosen One.

Thank you again for coming out en masse today to support Afsaneh and J.B. — and make sure to give BOTH finalists some love on Twitter. You can find them here: @Afsaneh_Dreams and @jblearnstowrite.

Tell them how awesome they are. They deserve it.

Want MORE EOW writers? Look no further:

@MartinReaves     @Rowanwolf66   @sushixuni    @write_me_happy    @LyraSelene     @lissajean7       @RafaWriter      @falcon_feathers   @eleni18      @bullishink    @klingorengi    @zombiemechanics    @ashviper

**This is everyone who is on Twitter.**

Here is the final bracket, EOW fans!

The final vote count as of 0100 EDT was Afsaneh 47, J.B. 42. I have seen a few more votes come in since voting ended, but just so there are no wars begun on account of this bracket, I wanted to post that here.

Thank you to everyone who voted and expressed their thoughts about these two awesome entries in the comments!


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