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The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Not this. Though it’s cute. The Adventures of Milo and Otis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No, no. No charming pet stories or little ginger cats trying desperately to reunite with a pug-nosed pup. Although that would be cute.

The other day I posted about the race called the 400 meter hurdles. A lot of the world likes to look at life as a marathon, and that’s fine. I’m okay with savouring the journey here and there every day. But at the same time, there are some goals that require more than a leisurely pace to achieve, and emigrating to Scotland is one of those goals for me.

My writing? Marathon.

Financial solubility? 10K.*

Traveling the world? Marathon.

Starting my new life in Scotland? 400 meter hurdles.

It’s a sprint by necessity. I have a deadline because I’ve always had a deadline. By the time I’m 30. Which is a couple years from now. Why 30? Because I want to raise my family there. And because I don’t want to uproot even toddlers that much. My children will be born in Scotland (where I can have a proper midwife, thank you), and we will build our lives there.

(Spouse is, of course, a full backer of this plan. He dislikes hot weather, loves scotch, and gets gleeful about golf. He’ll be just fine.)

So the next couple years will be a sprint. A sprint to reduce our debt (or eliminate it as much as possible). To save money to ensure we have a good cushion upon arrival. To figure out what steps are necessary. It might see me beginning doctoral study while Spouse teaches music. Who knows? The next two years will be full of hurdle jumping. Money being the most common.

Or maybe I’ll win the lottery. Ha.

No matter how difficult it is or how much my legs burn after all this running, it must be done. I want to be part of building a new Scotland. I want to be there, no matter what happens in 2014.

Running the 400 meter hurdles is about finding balance as well as speed. It’s about maintaining your current life and juggling other goals so you don’t fall on your face when a hurdle shows up in your path. It’s about moving forward in spite of setbacks.

I already work about 50 hours a week between my “job” and writing. I’m about to up that even more as I start my Mary Kay business (today!). Call me crazy (I prefer “driven”), but if this is what it takes, this is what it takes.

And I’m going to learn Gaelic. I taught myself Polish — I can learn Gaelic in two years.

Now. After all this goal-toting and revving my engine, I have to go to the salon and buy a specialty shampoo to rid myself of an obnoxious sticky hair issue.

Pardon me while I pull a Spike and fall over after my monologue.

I’ll leave you with a lovely tweet I received from a Scot whilst discussing Independence and my future emigration:

I’ll keep that in my sights. 🙂

While I’m off dealing with the mundane, what are you sprinting toward?

*Note that “financial solubility” means something different to me than to most of my countrypeople. I grew up in a barn with no toilet. I have a slightly different standard of what this means than the average American in a McMansion wondering why they can’t afford a second Lexus.



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  1. Hey Emmie! Moving to Scotland sounds really exciting, and it’s great that you’re setting such specific goals for yourself. Do you live in the US currently?

    My current sprint is trying to get done reviewing all my Japanese before the school year starts. I’m having to cram a few hours a day, but I hope it will be worth it!

    • Hi Avery! I do live in the US currently — just outside D.C. It’s way too hot here, and there’s not nearly enough scotch to make that okay.

      Whew, Japanese! I am about to start learning Karate, and I want to learn either Korean or Japanese. Both are such melodic, beautiful languages.

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