Friday Fellow: Afsaneh Khetrapal

Whoa, time warp, flash back, someone go find a certain Transylvanian transvestite so we can all get our dance on.

Time Warp

This dance. Time Warp (Photo credit: marcos c.)

We are going back in time to a time…erm…several months ago in which I had a weekly feature called the Friday Fellows!

The Friday Fellows are a group of illustrious bloggers like Kana Tyler, Kristin McFarland, N.E. White, Chris Galford, Lyra Selene, and Anna Meade — and they are also a group of truly stand-up women and man who write with excellence and are real, live humans. Just like we like them.

And today, we are adding the lovely Afsaneh Khetrapal to the mix!

Afsaneh was the winner in my End of the World Flash Fiction Contest Chosen Bracket of Doom and Awesomeness (because the title was previously somewhat too short), and one of her prizes was a highlight on Ye Olde Blog.

Said prize was just a secret-y secret sort of way of surprising her with an induction into the Friday Fellows.


This week, we had a virtual sit-down chat because I couldn’t afford the bus fare to England, and Afsaneh was kind enough to indulge my very silly line of questioning to share with you lot!

Emmie Mears: We’ll start with the basics. What kind of jam is best on a scone?
Afsaneh Khetrapal: “Iranian jam!” she says without thinking.
 If you add their traditional bread you’ll have the makings of a pretty heavenly meal.
EM: Savoury or sweet scones? Just kidding. I mean, I’m serious, but I’ll move to More Serious Questions. When did you know you were a writer?
AK: Years ago, when I started writing for the fun of it.
EM: How did you figure it out?
AK: Must’ve had something to do with the fact that I couldn’t stand a day without scribbling scenes, creating characters and devising plots.
In short, when I delved into my head and realised there was more fiction in there than anything else.
Yeah, there’s a pretty great plague in there!
EM: What genre first captured your fancy?
AK: Murder mystery
EM: If you could learn from any one writer, living or dead, who would it be?
AK: For anyone who remotely knows me, they’ll be expecting my answer; Jane Austen.
Jane Austen – “My characters shall haveafter a little troubleall that they desire.”
How could you not love this woman?
No one else could be my inspiration. She’ll breathe a hero and heroine, fit them with that hard to achieve balance between over-sentimentality and stubbornness and with a careful handful of characters she’ll drive the story to a perfect ending.
If I could have anyone to teach me that, I’d want her to.
EM: Let’s talk books. Your books, to be specific. What genre are they? Finished or in the muse’s hands?
AK: Regency romance – Thank you for that, Miss Austen.
I have seven interlinked work in progresses . . . I know, excessive.
The one I’m currently paying my attentions to is called ‘Maid For A Gentleman’ and is coming along rather nicely. I’m in the editing/redrafting stages and I’m trying to push for it to be done before the end of this year.
EM:  If you were to visit Wonderland, which character would you most like to meet? Least like to meet?
The mad hatter . . .  the man has cake in his hat. And even smaller hats. What else do you think is in there?
I wouldn’t really want to meet the Cheshire cat so much. I’m sorry; it/he/she just freaks me out with that smile.
EM: Why is a raven like a writing desk? I’ve no clue.
AK: How Carroll of you.
Both can fly. One has the god-given ability to do so, the other just needs a few uplifting words.
. . .  Or am I overthinking this?
EM: Final question, because 9 is such a lovely round number. What do you want from the future in terms of your writing career? In essence, whither goest thou?
AK: My writing career is best described as non-existent so I’m hoping this means that there’s nowhere to go but up. Presumptuously, getting published is the holy grail of my dreams and I’ve had some pretty vivid ones about picking book covers too but I know that’s just getting ahead of myself.
For the bard in you, I hope we are not such stuff as dreams are made on . . .
You can find Afsaneh’s blog here, and you can also follow her on Twitter, @Afsaneh_Dreams

Do let’s everyone share some love for Afsaneh! Welcome to the Friday Fellows, my dear, and I have another shiny badge for your collection. Display it with pride!

Welcome to the Friday Fellows!



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  1. Nice to meet you, A.K. And looking forward to more of your fiction.

    • Great to meet you too! Drop a DM or follow if you’ve got twitter, and you could share your works too.

  2. Oh, Afsaneh, this is a wonderful interview!!! You make me laugh and smile so much and now I am terribly hungry for Iranian jam!! May all your publishing dreams come true!! xo

  3. Well in terms of the regency romance, I’d say you’ve got that in your blood. Perhaps you are a long lost relative of the delightful Ms. Austen? Have you checked?

    Love your writing, keep it up. Also I am going to shamelessly plug to beta-read for you (mostly so I can read your stories before anyone else*muahahah).

    Glad you’re getting the kudos you deserve.

    • If I was, believe me, I’d be boasting a LOT!
      When I’m finally at that stage, you won’t have to ask, Stacy. I’d be thankful to have you all to share it with 🙂

  4. Great interview! Your regency knowledge surpasses mine to the extent I have to keep looking things up (useful when you highlight words! lol). Love your writing and look forward to more!
    And the Cheshire Cat freaks me out too!

    • I still have so much to learn but the constant researching really does do wonders! I’m glad to highlight and link if it helps out, Lisa 🙂
      Thank you for dropping by. Hopefully, we’ll never come across a cat like that in our lives!

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