Vahn, Two, Three, THREE Blessings, BAHAHA!

Sesame Place

Vahn frightened child! Sesame Place (Photo credit:

This has been a funny little weekend.

For one thing, I’ve been wrangling my 78,000-word novel into A: a paragraph and B: two pages, which is every bit as evil as it sounds. But thanks to the Crabbit Old Bat (a.k.a. Edinburgh author Nicola Morgan), whose book Write a Great Synopsis – An Expert Guide gave me some pointers that allowed me to complete this task without murdering anyone.

Synopsis done AND no felonies committed you say? Bloody brilliant.

It also doesn’t hurt that Ms. Morgan is hilarious and has a sense of humour that made me giggle through her book. Which, if you are a writerly type, you ought to get (it’s only $4 or three quid if you’re in the UK). She’s also friendly — she replied to me on Twitter to make sure I’d gotten what I needed out of her website.

Enter Amanda Gardner. I first met Amanda when she blew everyone away with her pitch at the Writer’s Digest Conference in January. And I mean, when she finished practicing her pitch (in front of ALL of us, brave woman), there was a moment of stunned silence where you could hear the sound of about two hundred people munching on their livers.

We ended up next to each other at one of the more surreal sessions and started exchanging Twitter messages trying to figure out what was going on. And then last night, she offered me assistance when I put up a flailing cry on Twitter of HALP. Thanks to her, I feel confident that my synopsis does what it’s supposed to.

And finally, the fabulous Nikki McCormack, who recently signed with Emily Keyes over at L. Perkins Agency (YAY, Nikki!) shared her query story with me and offered help of her own.

And super-finally, a random guy I met who is the area director for Big Brothers, Big Sisters in these parts offered to bring Spouse and I along for a benefit dinner in November. Which is fabulous.

All of this is to say that there are some lovely people on this rock. Sometimes when you think you’re stuck alone with an angry bear of a synopsis, someone will come along and turn it into this guy:


與蓮座有異曲同工之妙 (Photo credit: hjw223)

What are you thankful for today?


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  1. *waves* What have I got to be thankful for? Well, people like you who take time to be thankful, for a start. Thank you!

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