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Happy Monday, Gentle Viewers!


The outpouring of support and enthusiasm I’ve seen for the ZAP Fitness Programme in the past couple weeks has been astounding.

I thought today would be a good time to address what I envision for the future of ZAP and how you can be a part of it.

Sunrise over the south beach of Jamaica.

Dawn of zombies? Sunrise over the south beach of Jamaica. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Future of ZAP

I’ve gotten several questions lately about whether or not ZAP has a website — and the answer for now is no. That said, the answer will not stay no for long! I started ZAP as a way to motivate myself to stay fit and actually learn the aspects of weapons and survival that I’ve wanted to learn for so long. I can’t say I was overly surprised when people responded to it — the idea of zombies slavering on your heels is highly motivating AND I don’t seem to be alone in wanting to learn concrete, physical skills that can aid survival if our very safe and civilised societies crumble to dust.

Here is what I see in the future of ZAP.

  • A website that showcases articles, stories, and blurbs about the coming zombie apocalypse.
  • A forum for people to hang out and discuss their preparation and successes.
  • A community of ZAP Warriors committed to bettering their bodies, their health, and their chances of surviving the zombie apocalypse.
  • A book that details all three aspects of ZAP: Chance of Initial Survival (Fitness), Weapon Utilisation Skills (Erm…weapons), and Ability for Indefinite Sustenance (Survival).
Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the...

Zombies as portrayed in the movie Night of the Living Dead (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Be a ZAP Warrior

Want to be a part of building ZAP from the ground up? I’m working on building a website as we speak (you demand, I supply), and I would love to get you involved. Want to create content? Earn a kick-ass ZAP rank? You can.

Here are some of the ranks you can earn, and how.

ZAP Warrior. This is the entry-level rank in ZAP. It means you find the idea of being eaten by zombies so distasteful that you’ve committed to getting moving, getting educated, and getting dangerous.

ZAP Strategist. This is the first level of contributors to ZAP. You write an article, I approve it, I post it. Easy-peasy. Want to guest post here? Have your article featured on the upcoming website? Pick one of the three ZAP statutes: Chance of Initial Survival, Weapon Utilisation Skills, or Ability for Indefinite Sustenance. Write your article. (Cite your sources!) Email it to me. If it’s approved (meaning your sources check out and you’re not spinning conspiracy theories about Rush Limbaugh being Barack Obama’s and David Cameron’s secret lover), I’ll respond with the date your article will be posted. And YOU get to be a ZAP Strategist. (I’m working on badges.)

And after nine articles? You’ll earn the rank of ZAP Master Strategist.

ZAP Specialist. These monster warriors will be promoted from within the ranks of the ZAP Warriors. They’ll demonstrate consistency and dedication. They’ll be honing their bodies and minds and wielding their weapons with ease. They’ll know how to find water. They’ll be people you want on your side in case of apocalypse.

ZAP Commander. Reach Specialist level? Already a Strategist or a Master Strategist? Congratulations, because you’re earning the decoration of ZAP Commander.

ZAP Tactician. Good with design? Like making badges and banners and funky graphics? You’ve got me beat already. If you want to create approved graphics for ZAP, you’ll earn the rank of ZAP Tactician. And my groveling. And credit.

ZAP Chronicler.  Want to tell us your experience in the trenches? You can. Write about why you became a ZAP Warrior. Write about the zombies chasing you. Write about how you’re going to survive. Write about how you prepare. I’ll publish it, and you’ll earn the rank of ZAP Chronicler. Want to keep us up to date on your rise to zombie-slaying ass-kicker? After your third published update, you’ll get pinned as a ZAP Master Chronicler.

ZAP Order of the Dead Zed. I’m not naive enough to think that the future of ZAP can be funded purely on hugs and puppies and headshots. Buying a domain name and various other legalities — all these things will take funds. And funds are something I am notoriously short on. If you fancy chipping in anything toward the cost of starting the domain (total of which is approximately $40 US) and the other costs, you will earn induction into the Order of the Dead Zed. And a shout out in the book’s acknowledgements. And a place on Order of the Dead Zed page on the website. To ensure transparency, I will make records of ANY donated funds available to any donors as requested. Any surplus funds after the basics are taken care of will be donated to cancer research to make sure the zeds don’t rise because of some new form of undead-making cancer. And because cancer sucks. Contact me if you are interested in donating. 

I’ll be adding more ranks as we progress, but for now that’s a start!

Until then, I’d like to introduce you to ZAP’s first warriors!

The ZAP Army: Roster 1.0.SEPT.2012

Anna Meade, ZAP Warmaster. Anna earned this unique ZAP rank when she posted about her enlistment to the ZAP Army and provided us with a brand new tool to help us prepare. You can read her post here. Follow her on Twitter — @ruanna3

Cara Michaels, ZAP Tactician. Cara began the ZAP Pinterest Board, which you can follow here. Follow her on Twitter — @caramichaels

Jessica Maybury, ZAP Tactician. Jessica is working on bringing ZAP to Tumblr! More news about this soon! Follow her on Twitter — @JessicaMaybury

J. Whitworth Hazzard, future ZAP Strategist. A zombie expert, J. Whitworth Hazzard has offered to help us learn survival and weapons. Follow him on Twitter — @zombiemechanics

Joan Albright, future ZAP Strategist. Joan has offered to educate us about weapons and survival as well! Follow her on Twitter — @lironah

Larz Yerian, future ZAP Strategist. Larz is a student of parkour, which trains people in techniques of movement and evasion. I think we can all agree that would be helpful with a horde on our heels.

ZAP Warriors:

Angie Richmond (@write_me_happy), Angela Goff (@Angela_Goff), Miranda Kate (@PurpleQueenNL), Raiscara Avalon (@RaiscaraAvalon)

Want to see your name on the roster? Did I miss your name? Tweet about your enlistment on #ZAP @emmiemears. We’ll get you your virtual dogtags.


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  1. I’m certainly interested in getting in on all this ZAP action. Keep me posted on the tumblr progress and I don’t really want to add any more forms of internet addictions (i.e. twitter). Also, I’m working on writing something about parkour as a survival method.

    • Love it, Larz! I’ll add you to the list of future ZAP Strategists. 😀

    • Excellent! I can see how Parkour would be beneficial… After all, zombies generally can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound… or climb much at all for that matter. We’d just better hope there’re no Beta Lickers roaming the city streets.

  2. Yay! This is so awesome Emmie. I’ll for sure submit an article on my upcoming experience with archery. I want to rise up the ranks!

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