Sick, Psyched, and Avgolemeno

I’ve officially got one day before I have to go back to work for six, and I decided that I’m going to try and cram everything I can into getting better today.

I hate being sick, but I would rather have a fever of 41 degrees Celsius (over 100 F!) than have head/sinus congestion. It makes my head feel like this:

Thank gods there are no Oompa-Loompas running amok around my head though.

Also, I’m sorry, Johnny, but the original was waaaay better.

Gene Wilder for the win.

But I digress.

A couple days ago, I had some funny things happen. The sore throat part wasn’t funny. I was sitting at home, trying to get myself together to send out some more queries. So I went on Twitter and poked around one one of my top agent’s Twitter feeds — only to discover that this agent was also sick. And that this agent tweeted that avgolomeno will kick the most severe cold.

Always looking for a way to get my head to stop feeling like this:

English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mi...

English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mid-Hudson Valley balloon festival along the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…I tweeted back a “Thanks for the tip, feeling cruddy, going to rustle up the recipe now!”

To which this agent responded by tweeting me the entire recipe, 140 characters at a time. Um. How to ensure a random, unpublished writer will sing your praises forever in a nutshell. Even if this person rejects my query, I will never raise an agent-themed voodoo doll. I promise.

So that happened.

I also sent out a query to this person and mentioned it, which might have been stupid on my part, but I really am thankful for A: such a surprising response and B: a new Greek chicken soup to make.

With work yesterday and a little last minute game of chicken with our rent cheque, I didn’t have the money a chance to get to the store, but I made it today and picked up the ingredients.

You need:

And when I shake my maracas, they go “chick-chicky-boom, chick-chicky-boom.”

And ironically:

I’ll leave the “what came first” jokes to you.

You also need these:


Whoops. My Mucinex and Advil totally photo-bombed my recipe picture here.

Let’s try that again:

Much better.

Anyhoo, I’m embarking on this recipe as we speak.

Wish me antibodies.

But wait, you say. You covered sick and avgolemeno, but you left out that other bit.

Oh, psyched? Yes, yes. That’s coming.

Shrike Query Update 1.2

I woke up yesterday, drank some coffee, puttered about for a few minutes. Then, just as I was ready to leave for work, I discovered an email from an agent (12 hours after I sent her a query). It contained my first request for a partial, which means she liked the first chapter enough to want more. And boy, are those words, “I would like to see more of Shrike” lovely words to see when you’re sick and heading off to work a double shift.

It resulted in a happy dance. And it got me through the day. 🙂

Lessons from this week to share:

-Trust your gut (and your published friends) when it comes to your query letter.

-Agents are people (except the Shark, but she’s a lovely Shark). They are busy with other things besides reading queries. Like having babies (YAY for this agent! She’s so kind and I’m ever so happy for her — even though it means my query will likely remain unanswered. BABY!) and getting married and getting sick and taking care of their existing clients.

-They can be pretty cool, as evidenced by the recipe.

So don’t hate them, even if they reject your work. They’re not rejecting YOU. (Unless of course, you stalk them and they have to file a restraining order. Then they’re rejecting you.)

First request for Shrike — may come to nothing. Who knows? But it’s a great sign.

I’ll let you know how my soup turns out.


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  1. Congrats on the Partial! I really liked your story, so I’m glad your getting some Shrike love! You deserve it! 🙂

  2. I definitely wish you antibodies. Lots of them. My favorite remedy is a homemade hot and sour soup. It’s loaded with chicken, spinach, and lots of heat!

  3. Congrats and get well soon. You’ll have to look good, or at least well, for all the new photo shoots you’ll have to do for your upcoming book release! (Delusional, I know, but got to dream.) 🙂

  4. Joining in your happy dance!

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