Something Shiny This Way Comes

Do you ever get the feeling that there is something magical flitting about just over the horizon?

Yeah, call me doofus, but that’s how I feel right now.

Doofus McDooferson, Shrike Query Report 1.3:

DISCLAIMER! I’m in no way saying this is it. But it’s a good sign.

Shrike (or bits of it, 50 page bits of it) is now sitting in the hands/email inboxes of two agents who asked for it. ERMAHGERD.


Me at age 7, before I realised I could write my own.

In addition to my derpiest derping, I’ve been germinating seeds for a new novel. I think I’m going to plunge in and write it, because it’s been at the back of my mind since it inspired probably the only short story I’ve ever written without being under duress. Okay, that’s not entire true. But shorts have never really been my crowning achievement. I mean, even at age 9 I was like, “Short story? NO. I’m writing a NOVEL!”

It’s clear — lack-of-sleep, full of nerves and too much caffeine, jumping-at-every-Gmail-(1) clear — that I am going to need a Distraction of a Serious Nature from this process. So I am going to pour myself into the following:

1. ZAP

What better way to work off the responses of the It Shall Not Be Named variety than fleeing hordes of zombies?

Oh, gods. I just had a revised nightmare idea that my brain will likely capitalise on tonight. Zombies AND agents scribbling on my pages with giant red crayons and cackling “No, NO, NOOOOOOOO! BAHAHAHA, NO!” at the tops of their voices?

I need to go for a run.

2. Le New Project

I’m not going to say a heap about this, because it’s just a tiny little sprout of a thing at the moment, but I will tell you the genre: adult dystopian with paranormal elements.

I’m excited to write it, because it’s one of the two Ideas I’ve gotten in the last year where a character’s voice just blew me over and kicked dust on my twitching body. So that’ll be happening. I’ll add my little handy progress tracker widget once more, and you can see it expand!

3. Another Contest

After the amazing success of #EOW back in July/August (which thankfully gave me time to edit Shrike), I really want to do another one. I’m bouncing ideas around, and I have one nudging at me. More details soon! I also have to rustle up some dough for prizes, because I’d like to do more this time. That said, we’ll see. I’m nothing if not destitute.

If you have any contest ideas or thoughts for prizes that I might be able to afford on a budget of tiny, do spill in the comments!

Whilst writing the above, I got my second (!!!) full manuscript request. Signing off to run around in circles and flail while NOT getting hopes up.

Mmmmhmmmmm. I’m cool as a cucumber and much less green.





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  1. Querying is the best time to start the next project. It’s the perfect distraction and then you don’t just have all your hopes in one basket because you’re weaving the next basket as you query. 🙂

  2. I agree! Get writing that next novel! One of the first questions those agents ask you is what you’re working on next! I see a bidding war in your future 🙂

  3. My fingers are crossed for you…

  4. Best wishes for the queries, and do work on that new idea to help distract you. (I’d like to know if it really works…. 😉 )

  5. Fingers crossed and all that! Get running and writing…one of these days I’ll start the running bit…

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