Missed Connections: The X-Men Edition

I was over on Jenny Hansen’s blog poking around last night, and I discovered something fun. She wrote a post about Missed Connections, which, if you don’t know, is something that pops up on CraigsList and other sites as a way to search out people you met or looked at or whose hand grazed your arse on the bus.

They can get hilarious. Go see her post if you need convincing.

Being…erm…me, I immediately thought to myself. “Self,” I thought, “These are pretty fun. But what if it was a bunch of X-Men writing them?”

You’re welcome.

Ready? Here you go. See if you can guess who they’re looking for! (Pics unrelated to Missed Connections.)

Jubilee starred in the X-Men animated series.

Jubilee starred in the X-Men animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You Took My Breath Away (M4W)

I was walking through the French Quarter. You were standing by a street lamp looking delicious. You had on the sexiest little army jacket that set off the white lock in your hair. We chatted for a moment, and then you had to leave. When I tried to catch your hand, something happened. I got woozy and passed out, and when I woke up, you were gone.

If that happened with just one touch, I can’t wait to see what happens with more! Meet me at the Back Alley Cajun Grille tonight at nine, and we’ll see what other sparks fly!

Ultimate X-Men - The Tomorrow People

Ultimate X-Men – The Tomorrow People (Photo credit: istolethetv)

I Wanna Look Into Your Eyes (W4M)

I was sparkling in the sunshine. You had your sunglasses on, but oh, that body of yours sure turned up the fire! You walked away before I had a chance to catch your eye. Next time, I want to see what colour they are. Same park, noon today. No sunglasses. And you better not have a girlfriend.

Vanishing Act (M4W)

You may be younger, but I can’t take my eyes off you. As soon as I saw you, I tried to manoeuvre through the corridors to find you, but it’s tough to get around the Academy as big as I am. I finally tracked you into one of the classrooms — it only had one door, but you disappeared like a shadow right after I came in! I don’t know where you went, but I have to know you.

Rogue in Wolverine and the X-Men

Rogue in Wolverine and the X-Men (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mind. Blown. (M4W)

I may be an angel, but you worked a devil on my mind. And maybe the teacup that went flying across the room. Hmmm.

Got any other fun ones you’d like to share? Fancy taking a guess on who’s looking for whom? Sound off in the comments! The winner gets bragging rights for knowing way too much about X-Men relationships. 😀


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  1. The Emma for Scott one actually made me laugh out loud. These are excellent.

  2. Ooo, me! Me! Pick me!

    1. He’s looking for Rogue. Though, honestly, I don’t know why he’d want a girl he can only be with on some strange messed up planet filled with dinosaurs when perfectly normal me who won’t suck the life out of him is standing right here. Silly Gambit.

    2. Why does everyone fall for Cyclops? I just don’t get the connection.

    3. I adored Ellen Page when she played Kitty Pryde in X3. What ginormous shiny dude wouldn’t want to hit that?

    4. This one I’m actually not sure. There are quite a few telekinetics in the X-Men. Jean is the only one that makes sense, though.

  3. Nice job, Emmie!! LOL…such a creative topic. Thanks for the link!

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