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Chris Hemsworth as Thor as depicted in the fil...

Chris, you’re so handy these days when I need a picture of Thor. Chris Hemsworth as Thor as depicted in the film Thor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Thorsday around these parts! Thorsday means I get to stomp around and write about whatever the hell I want, swinging my hammer and generally running amok.

Today is more in the realm of announcements. Exciting ones.

Do I have your attention, or do I need to post another picture of Chris Hemsworth? Oh, all right.

Thor, the god of Norse mythology. "Thor's...

Fooled you! It’s Thor, the god of Norse mythology. “Thor’s battle with the Ettins” (1872), painting by Mårten Eskil Winge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Announcement The First!

There, that looks nice and official-like, doesn’t it?

The first announcement is that the lovely Kristin McFarland and I have been hatching a stealthy plot behind your backs. Check back tomorrow for the details. It’s gonna be good, just you wait.

(No announcement is perfect without a little teaser, right? Consider yourselves teased.)

Announcement The Second

This year has been a year of firsts in Emmie-land. I spent time plotting for the first time (this time in the novel sense). I admitted that my first couple books weren’t up to par. I went to my first writing conference and pitched my not-so-ready book to agents for the first time.

This weekend is another adventure — my first time at Capclave!

Capclave is a smallish writing conference with big stuff going on. The focus is on science fiction and fantasy (yay for nerds!), and it’s three days of panels, workshops, and readings by authors. There are small presses, big authors, and about 300 attendees coming this year. It’s not a pitch-fest, but a rather informal three-day friendly-palooza of industry professionals schmoozing with those of us snazzy enough to attend.

*Dons sunglasses*

The coolest thing about Capclave is that it’s on my doorstep, almost literally. My friend Brian Shaw first told me about it, saying that it was in Rockville. Only when I looked up the hotel address, I found that it’s at the Hilton two blocks from me.

We’re starting out with a luncheon including some of Brian’s friends and the small press publisher who is putting out the anthology with Brian’s first sale in it, and after that all trundling over to the conference.

There are some awesome people who are going to be there, including Guest of Honour John Scalzi. He’s been cropping up everywhere I look lately, from a post that went sort of wild about how being a Straight White Male is playing life on the lowest difficulty setting. (Unsurprising/depressing side note: everyone to get pouty and trolly to various levels of angst and douchery was a SWM, in spite of the article’s multiple disclaimers stating explicitly that being a SWM didn’t mean your life couldn’t suck.)

He also has lived at both ends of the wealth/class system and wrote something really rather poignant several years back about Being Poor, for which I already kind of love him because I could tick off just about every item on that list and still thank the FSM daily for the fact that I have a toilet.

I think I’ll be buying some of his books for a birthday present to me next month.

There will also be quite a number of other authors there. I’m overjoyed for the opportunity to attend a conference to which I don’t have to travel, pay for hotel, or budget for a year in advance. Aside from tomorrow’s Exciting Announcement, this weekend I’ll be live tweeting the occasional panel and posting mostly about Capclave.

Also, The Vampire Diaries is back tonight. Yes, I’m a big nerd. No, I won’t apologise. Yes, I’m DVRing it because Spouse and I have dinner reservations and plan to cry at the VP debate.

Stay classy, gentle viewers.


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  1. Capclave 2012. Excellent!
    Eagerly awaiting the big announcement!

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