You Never Know What You’ll Find…

…at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.

I spent Sunday there to see my favourite band, Albannach, and it was a day full of wonders and revelry. I thought I would share some of the more exciting bits of the day with you, including some vendors that make me wish I had all the monies to spend on their wares.

Badger Blades

They make fully functional weaponry, and they’ll bash up anvils with it if you don’t believe it. You can check out his website here. They’re a friendly lot over at Badger Blades, and you can always find them at the Renn Fest, ready to peddle pointy objects to those of us who love them.

Shiny. And pointy. I like shiny and pointy.


Broadswords and claymores for the more hack-and-slash among us. Which is to say, excuse me while I wipe the drool from my mouth.


I believe these are the bastard swords (and a cutlass or two?). Though they are still every bit as legitimate in combat.


And of course, daggers and pendant daggers. Stash a few of these about your person. Just be careful when you hug people if you forget to buy a sheath.


Interlude: A Horse of a Different Colour

From Big Bird to a dancing duo of Mario and Luigi, the Renn Fest is full of all sorts of glorious characters. These were a few of my favourites.

Kilts, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, storm trooper, Scottish, kilt

Just look at these snazzy folks.


This vendor makes some of the most glorious Renn Fest wear you’ll find. From fairy bodices to cloaks and lush velvet caped gowns, they’ve got it all. A few years ago I bought a full costume from them. I’ll have to lose about twenty pounds to fit in it again, but hell. That’s a goal for next year’s Renn Fest. Check out their website and ogle their wares below.

These hairpieces complement just about any look!

Set Outfit Capacity to “Stun.”


Or you could go straight for the fairy bodices. Try not to drool on them. I have one in blue.

One of the Best Things About the Renn Fest…

…is that you can find just about any kind of food on a stick. Or fried. Or fried on a stick.

The signage complements the turning foliage.


Pick your poison.

Miles Tonne Leather Wear

Talk about drool worthy. Miles Tonne creates custom leather wear for the discerning humanfolk. I’ve been gnashing my teeth over my inability to afford well…one of everything in his shop for ages. The ragged skirts? Killer. The bodices? So well made you’ll want to give up on Victoria’s Secret and their miracles. He’s got a website, too.

If you ever find him at your local Renn Fest, they’ll help you get into whatever garments you want to try. Here’s me in mine:

Over the clothes, but it still works!

Interlude: The Targaryens Are Coming!

In my wandering, I discovered Dany Targaryen romping around with one of her children in tow.

She says hello.


Every once in a while, I find something new and so wonderous that I can’t help but wander goofy-smiled for the rest of the day. Sunday was one of those whiles. I discovered Grichels, and they are so splendid and deliciously different and fantastical that I had to share them with you. Visit their online home here.

Tissue-Grichel is sad you have a cold.


I want to carry this everywhere.


I feel like there has to be magic inside this.


Best. Screen. Evar.


This handbag would discourage cutpurses.


I would love a home full of Grichels.

Got a Kindle? They make Kindle covers. And iPad covers. And legal pad holders. Need a new wallet? They make those too. What a wondrous craft. Maybe it’s that they remind me of Green Men, but I was a wide-eyed child again in their shop. Love it.

No post about the Renn Fest would be complete without the reason I went: Albannach. So here are a few pictures of the band, who are lovely. And can I just say that Jacquie Holland is the loveliest of all lovely humans. She and I had a few quite nice conversations, and she asked me if she could read my book. (!)

Did I mention her voice will give you chills? It will. She has a tremendous and haunting resonance to her tone.

The band, minus one bodhran player who is on paternity leave. Congratulations to Aya Thorne on the birth of his new baby!

My day at the Renn Fest was a glorious one, and one that will probably remain in my memory for another reason — it ended up juxtaposed with the news that my beloved granny has left us. So I’ll leave you with one last picture of something my grandma made sure I had before she passed. It’s a locket with her baby picture and a toddler Emmie.


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  1. Absolutely love the Grichels! Sounds like you had a great day, and a beautiful tribute with the locket…

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