Abraham Lincoln and the Touch of Surreal

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (Photo credit: casually_cruel)

You know it’s been an odd day when your stats explode in a flurry of top hats and you come back from work to see literally five times the number of views you’ve ever gotten poking out of WordPress’s little bar graph like it’s flipping you the bird.

That’s what happened yesterday. Sometimes around 4 PM, the world decided it needed to Google Abe Lincoln. And somehow, a goodly portion of the world landed right here.

I usually get a few views a day from searches for “Abe Lincoln hat” or “Abraham Lincoln” because of a couple posts on characterisation I wrote last autumn. If you are the writerly type, you can read those posts here and here.

So, in honour of Abraham Lincoln smashing my previous top views day into smithereens, I thought that today we could entertain some fun factoids about this president and the forthcoming film about him. And maybe a snippet about his hat, because we all know he pulled it off marvelously.

Here we go!

Abraham Lincoln was an extremely tall man for his time.

Abe stood 6’3/4″ tall, usually rounded to an even 6’4″. He would have towered over most men of the 1860s, who only reached an average of 5’7″. And if you factor in the hat, he was a veritable giant.

This also made him the tallest president to date.

He hasn’t had the most restful couple of centuries.

Abraham Lincoln’s coffin has been moved 17 times, and it’s been opened at least five times. This was due to the fear his remains would be stolen.

I don’t know about you, but I think I can let a dead president lie. You’d think I wouldn’t be in the minority.

He had daddy issues.

Lincoln was not close to his father, Thomas Lincoln. He refused to visit when his father took ill, and he also didn’t attend the funeral.

English: Abraham Lincoln in stovepipe hat

English: Abraham Lincoln in stovepipe hat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His hat had nicknames, but it didn’t have a Twitter account.

Call it his filing cabinet. Call it his desk and memorandum book. Hey, you wouldn’t be the first. Apparently, he kept stuff in it.

Still, I have to give Neil Gaiman’s hat the props for being the most tech savvy hat. Neil’s hat is on Twitter.

He’s had over 15,000 books written about him. And a few films.

That’s more than most people can boast. And if you read the right books and watch the right films, he’s even more badass than history would have you think.

Vampire hunter.

Make sure you check out the IMDB page for the new Lincoln film, due out 9 November!

Source: RogerJNorton.com for many of the factoids! Goofiness added by me at no extra cost.


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