To Find Joy

Today, my husband and I go to join my family for a time of mourning and a time of grief. In many ways, this year has been a time of immense sadness for my family. Three of us are no longer here after the last year.

I hope that, over the next two days together, we will be able to bring some closure to the tragedy that has befallen our family in the last twelve months. To celebrate the lives of those we’ve lost. To remember Grandpa and Gram, who enjoyed full lives and passed peacefully surrounded by love. To honour and grieve for Nate, who was taken from us (unbelievably, wrenchingly) too soon and left behind such a rift in our spirits. To embrace one another and know that there are bits of all of them in all of us.

To know that families — even hurting, broken, pained, and saddened families — continue on.

To believe that together we are more whole than we are apart.

To relinquish some tiny bit of grief to the joy of surrounding love.

So today, I want to remember a woman whose name I chose as the standard-bearer of the words I write.  She’s a woman who made a long trek to be with me on my wedding day even in her ninth decade. She’s a woman whose voice brought so much joy to so many people whenever she raised it in song.

Marilyn Borden, nee Mears. We’ll all miss you, Grandma Marilyn.

Marilyn Borden, Marilyn Mears



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  1. Oh Em. You’ve got me in tears. What a lovely tribute!

  2. Beautiful words to honor your loved ones. My deepest sympathy, Emmie.

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