Costumed Curses Champions Announced!

“The time has come,” the walrus said, “to talk of many things. Of tricks and ghouls and wickedness — of champions and kings.”

Which is to say, it’s time to announce the winners of the Costumed Curses Flash Fiction Contest!

CurseMaster Kristin and I had a great time running this contest. We got ten total entries, and it was really tough narrowing them down to three finalists. In fact, something rather unexpected happened — both of us ended up deciding independently that we needed to add a fourth person for an Honourable Mention.

So without further blahbitty blah from your CurseMaster here, I am thrilled to announce the HERO of the Costumed Curses Flash Fiction Contest! The HERO is the writer whose story chilled us, thrilled us, fulfilled us. We were unanimous in the decision…

And the HERO of Costumed Curses is…

N.E. White

Her story (posted on Kristin’s blog), blew us both away. Her tale was creepy and just the kind of dark fairy tale we were dreaming about when we started this contest. We loved her use of language and the hints of irony and dissonance. As for the rest, we’ll let you read for yourself.

Ms. White is the proud winner of a $25 Amazon gift card, a 5,000 word manuscript critique, and a goody bag. And, of course, the HERO badge from above.

We hope you’ll enjoy Ms. White’s story as much as we did!

Blood, Flesh, and Bone

by N.E. White

Lilia Lluc buried her husband’s fingers, careful to scoop up the blood soaked soil and turn it under along with the severed digits. She wouldn’t want her children investigating the dark stain.
She frowned, thinking she would never be free of her strange children, then immediately chastised herself for such a blasphemous thought.
“What are you doing?”
She glanced up with a start. Her heart felt as if it would leap out of her chest.
A strange man stood above her, his face shadowed by his wide brimmed hat. The sun hung low in the western, clear sky, throwing long pillars of shadow through her almond orchard.
Standing, she swung her bloodied hand behind her back. In her other hand, she held tight to the ceramic succioro.
She gave him an innocent smile. “Hello and welcome. Are you lost?”
The man squinted at the sun. He snorted a laugh then said, “Actually, yes, I think I am. I was just passing by on the road…and, well, here I am. I’m not sure how I got here.”
Lilia kept the smile on her face though she did not feel it. Whether the stranger or she would enjoy the coupling, it mattered not, but she soon learned she might as well be pleasant enough with them. After all, she would be the last thing they ever saw.
Slipping the succioro into the pocket of her apron, she trailed her fingers across the top hem of her shirt, straining the fabric over her bosom.
“Do you want me?” she said.
The man took a step back, hands up in defense, but then he removed his hat, his eyes scanning her body before settling on her breasts.
“Yes,” he said, his voice already husky.
She sighed, the repetitive manner of the ritual boring her. Pointing to a nearby tree, she directed him to lay down and remove his trousers. Lifting her skirt, she straddled him and began a rhythmic rocking, waiting for him to plant his seed.
When she and her husband had failed to conceive within the first two years of their marriage, they had tried everything, until finally they consorted with a witch. Her potion had required her husband’s blood, flesh, and bone, a price that many would have thought too high. But not her husband. He said he was willing to sacrifice a bit of himself for his children.
And it worked. Oh, yes, each time it worked.
But the witch had not said anything about whose seed would take root.
The End

Onward to the next winner, the one who gave a great fight, the WARRIOR.

This entry made us both grin. We loved the whimsy and the unexpectedness of it. The WARRIOR of Costumed Curses is…

Leslie Fulton

Her story, Murphy’s Law, was just plain fun. Check it out here if you haven’t already! Ms. Fulton has won a 3,000 manuscript critique, a goody bag, and the snazzy WARRIOR badge!

Onward, because every contest needs a MINION…

We both got chills with this one. For people who like to get a wiggins, that’s saying a lot. Obvious creep-factor aside, we loved this entry.

The MINION of the Costumed Curses Contest is…

Stacy Bennett-Hoyt

Ms. Hoyt’s entry was creepy, wicked, and eerie. She’s the winner of a fabulous goody bag and a badge! You can read her story, The Loop,  here if you missed it in the showcase.

And finally, for the entry that stole both our hearts to the point that we couldn’t NOT give her a nod…Gentle viewers, we have a ROGUE on our hands.

This entry was an awesome fairy tale, told in classic fairy tale style. We loved it. So we had to give it a nod. Our ROGUE Costumed Curses writer is…

Eleni Sakellis

We really enjoyed Ms. Sakellis’ story. So much that we decided she needed a badge, too. You can read her awesome entry, The Bridge, here if you missed it yesterday!

So that is that! Thank you all for your awesome entries and for making this such a fun contest to run! Thanks also to the awesome CurseMaster Kristin for judging with me!

Now. Excuse me while I go reread all of the entries and store them in my little dark tale bank.

Love and curses,



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  1. I hadn’t seen N.E. White’s story before, but I loved it! You both made some great choices of winners (all brilliant), my favourite was Stacy’s. Loved the contest!

  2. Ginormous congrats to all, and Happy Halloween!!!

  3. I really like the winning one. And unless I am putting too much thought into it, the ending could imply the Devil seeded her kids OR she’s had many…lovers…besides her hubby. Which way do you think it was meant??

  4. It can mean whatever you want, AlienRedQueen.

    Congrats to everyone! And thank you.

  5. Kourtney Heintz

    Congrats to the winners. What a fun Halloween themed contest! 🙂

  6. Thanks! I appreciate it. Just got to check my email today after all the Sandy aftermath and NaNoWriMo insanity. Hope everyone’s doing well 🙂

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