The Five: Reflections on The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries (season 2)

The Vampire Diaries (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Season four of The Vampire Diaries is getting into full swing, and last week’s episode brought up some interesting questions about the future. For those who are concerned, consider this your warning that here be spoilers. Arrrrrgh.

There were several points that have been floating around in my head about this new season (and several characters) for a time now, and season four’s episode four, The Five, brought them simmering to the surface.

Vampire Diaries Wallpaper

Vampire Diaries Wallpaper (Photo credit: i heart him)

1. I don’t WANT to be a vampire.

In urban fantasy and paranormal romance, the status quo exists in the form of a very Jane Austen-y statement: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young woman in possession of a supernatural boyfriend must be in want of fangs herself. Hell, the entire Twilight saga is built around Bella wanting to become a vampire and Edward blowing raspberries at her while watching her sleep.

I like trope-breakers. So I love that Elena Gilbert really doesn’t want to be a vampire. She wants to be human. She wants to grow old, surrounded by fat grandchildren, and die. But as this is fiction and the basis of all fiction is conflict, we all know she can’t get what she wants. Plus, erm, she already became one.

I had some initial concerns about how they would portray her transition, but I think they’ve done it masterfully. They threw in a big complicating factor: she can’t eat the vampire lite diet that Stefan thinks is just peachy. She has to drink blood from the vein to survive. Well played, writers. Well played.

And in The Five, they showed something vital. When Elena goes out to a party with Damon (very conveniently a Halloween party, allowing the two of them to feed without making their victims wear bibs), she gets caught up in the pleasure of feeding. Elena doesn’t often get caught up in the pleasure of anything, and it clearly frightens her. This is a fascinating, telling moment that disturbs her — her nature as a vampire is closer to Damon’s than Stefan’s. And she of course lashes out at Damon for it, because it makes her uncomfortable.

I have a little inkling that they’re building up to something with that. *Scratches head.* I wonder what it could be.

Vampire Diaries, Damon, Elena Gilbert, Salvatore, Damon and Elena

Whoever caught this screenshot deserves a cookie. A big, delicious cookie. Image via

2. Damon

In this interlude, the role of Spike shall be played by Damon Salvatore…

Damon has been a little in limbo for the first few episodes of this season. And why shouldn’t he be? The woman he loves is now a vampire, he got shown in no uncertain terms that she’s chosen his brother, she still keeps coming to him for help, and his brother’s living in denial-land about what being a vampire could mean for Elena. If I were Damon, I’d be confused too.

Remember that bit about the writers building to something? They’re building to something. I trust the TVD writers enough to know that Damon’s wandering around, helping Elena and reacting with bafflement when she blames him for her problems (stop that, Elena), is going to go somewhere.

Personally, as much as I would love to see an Elena and Damon couple in the future, I think what would be better for Damon is some fiery, vivacious person whisking into Mystic Falls and distracting him away from the lure of the love triangle. Maybe a fetching redhead. Hmmmmmm.

Stefan Salvatore, Klaus, The Vampire Diaries


3. Stefan “Pulling an Edward”

Klaus: This new token black dude* is the latest in the line of evil master vampire hunters! Also, LOL, he has a cure for vampirism, and I need more hybrids.

Stefan: ZOMG, LOL. A cure would be great! Then Elena could be human again, and I’ll keep eating bunnies. WAIT. A cure could cure me too! Clearly there’s no catch to this! Great. I’ll help you.

Klaus: Don’t tell Elena.

Stefan: Why would I tell Elena something that directly affects her entire life?



*I’m going to come right out and say that I’m sick of seeing black men show up on the show just to end up dead. I hope they don’t just kill Connor, though I can’t really see him becoming a nice fluffy vampire hunter like Alaric. Also, sniffle. Alaric. But seriously, people. WALKING DEAD SPOILER AHEAD: They do it on Walking Dead, too. T-Dog’s death last night just freaking destroyed me. And my husband and I were watching like, “Really? They kill off a main black character just as they conveniently add another one? Do they think they can’t have more than one at once or the world will implode? Come on, writers. Seriously, come on.” Sorry for the sidebar. I hope Connor sticks around to keep being interesting. He’s pretty interesting so far.

Apart from the obvious facepalmage that occurred with this (verbatim) exchange on the show, I had to think. What is it about “the good vampire” that A: makes him think he needs to keep things from the woman who, oh, I don’t know, trusts him implicitly? And B: why do they all have the same hair? Seriously. Angel, Edward, Stefan — their hair grows straight up, and they’re bloody stupid sometimes.

Elena hates having her choice stripped from her. And she doesn’t like being lied to (who does, these days?). So I have this little feeling that whatever they’re already building to will involve her finding out about this cure (which I have a weird feeling she’d want to know) and finding out also that Stefan was hiding it from her and working with Klaus to do it. If I were vampire Elena, I’d go all fangy.

So that’s where I’m at going into episode five.

For those of you who watch the show, what do you think? Clearly Connor should be feared. I accidentally saw a spoiler for this week’s episode (wah!), and we all know he pulled a Buffy Summers in the closing of The Five when he sawed off a hybrid’s head with a chain. So where do you think this dynamic is headed? Do you think Damon’s going to get annoyed or worse when he finds out about Stefan’s little secret? I have a couple little hunches…Share yours in the comments!


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  1. Conor is a real villain. He stabbed an innocent teenager just to get to his real target. That’s scary.
    I despised Stefan in the last episode. I’m usually on his side but not anymore. His betrayal of Rebekah was also terrible.
    I think Elena and Damon need new love interests. I’m still hoping for an Elijah-Elena hook up 🙂

  2. I feel like the writers of TVD have definitely taken some cues from BtVS with the way they portray Stefan vs Damon. That’s really starting to show with Elena’s refusal to admit that she may be more like Damon than Stefan much like Buffy’s refusal to admit that she had a dark side that enjoyed the slaying similar to Spike. Or maybe I like to see it that way because I have a weakness for sexy, snarky vampires with gorgeous blue eyes who enjoy being exactly what they are.

    A cure?!? Seriously? I get why we had to go there because it isn’t TVD if the plot doesn’t revolve around saving Elena. But the idea just disappoints me. Like you mentioned at the beginning, Elena is different because she never wanted to be a vampire which just made me want to see it even more. I LOVE the struggle, the potential for darkness, the overall depth it gives her character. I HATE that the potential cure has turned Stefan into an Angel/Edward type who does whatever he thinks is best without consulting her especially after Elena made such a big deal about choosing him over Damon because he let her make her own choices.

    The T-dog sidebar was necessary because it’s a clear example of the “1 black character at a time” rule I see too much of on television. I understand that blacks are a minority, but I feel like TV and movies sometimes try to shove that fact down our throats (I get it! I’m a monority! Stop trying to prove it to me!). It’s especially ridiculous when the setting is the Southeastern United States. I’d like to see someone black stick round on TVD (other than Bonnie) and not be reduced to cannon fodder for the Originals yet again. I actually really like Connor too, so I’m not ready to see him go. And that decapitation was badassery at it’s finest.

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