We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes


Now that the spoiler warning has been taken care of, let me start by saying that when the title screen appeared at the end of Thursday’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes,” I looked something like this:


And if you follow me on Twitter and happened to be in tweet-radius, it looked something like this:


And this:


And this:


And finally, this:

So, today I woke up, rustled up a couple breakfast burritos and a coffee and settled in to rewatch the episode.

There was a lot going on in that episode. When I tried to trace back all the Major Plot Moments that happened, my brain went all mushy like dead Conor in his grave. The rewatch helped, so here are some of the highlights, along with my two cents.

“Good thing he decided to hold onto that family ring after it made Ric go crazy.”

Elena Kills Jeremy

It’s a damn good thing that he’s sentimental about keeping his life when surrounded by so many supernatural folk, because I don’t think Elena would come back from killing her brother. Erm. Ever.

Still, this was the first big plot point of the episode and the first glimpse we get into how Messed Up those hunter hallucinations can really be. And I mean, come on, creepy Ghost Conor. You’re mad about her killing humans as a vampire, so you trick her into killing a human? And where do you get off on the moral high ground anyway? Forgetting you STABBED APRIL? Ugh.

I guess stabbing teenage girls is okay, but killing someone isn’t. Good to know there’s a line.

Anyway, Jeremy wakes up alive and gasping, just in time to go to school. What a good kid.

The Vampire Diaries, Atticus Shane, TVD

Oh, good. A big, creepy rock. This season was really lacking in big, creepy rocks. So glad we have one now to go with the big, creepy hypnotist of an occult professor. This will be a safe combination.

Atticus Shane and his Big, Creepy Rock

“Haha, kids! There used to be this big scary evil dude who might have been buried under this here rock, and he wants to rise from his immortal prison and eat the world. HAHA! And I have nothing to do with this at all.”


I’ve got a feeling, and you might call it the Knox effect. For those of you who have seen season five of Angel, you ought to know what I’m talking about. Creepy acolyte, weird imprisoned demigod.

This’ll end well.

Jeremy Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries, Vampire Hunter, Potential, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy, Elena

And to continue with a theme….

Jeremy’s a Hunter now. Perfect.

To continue with the “that’ll end well” theme, Jeremy is now in possession of some sweet ink. But to assume his ink will be painless just because he didn’t have to go under a needle to get it is just plain wonky talk.

There will be consequences to this. Just because he read through Atticus Shane’s little Folder O’ Hunter Lore doesn’t mean he got the whole story before making the choice to ax Chris. Conor was pretty much batshit. The whole “stop at nothing” attitude was either personal or a product of the profession.

If it was the latter, Jer might be in for some crazy.

Ah, such a pretty smile he has.

Klaus and Caroline

It was always just a matter of time before these two kids started toward romance. And with Caroline’s role in Chris’s death, it’s pretty clear that she and Tyler are going to be pretty rocky, forthcoming date with Klaus included.

I love Klaus’s character. He’s like a brat who never had to learn that he can’t have what he wants. It makes for a lot of interesting conflict when what he wants is people, so I’m curious to see where they take this.

On that note, Tyler is about to get a whole lot more interesting when he starts being the Klaus opposition. If you didn’t see that coming with how upset he was about Chris’s death, start looking forward to a Tyler who’s pretty set on de-siring the rest of his hybrid kindred. We also haven’t seen the last of Hayley.

Elena Gilbert, Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries, Wickery Bridge


Elena, Damon, and ALL THE FEELS

This has been such a fascinating relationship to watch develop. A couple huge, Stefan-separate things happened in this episode. For one, Elena continued her new trend of going to Damon for help, partially due to finding out about Stefan’s complicity in Klaus’s shenanigans. But also because this has been bound to happen for a couple seasons.

Now isn’t the time for a Team Damon rant, but Elena learned some biggies when she became a vampire and all her previous Compulsions got erased. That’s a huge factor in her evolution of feelings toward her boyfriend’s brother. But Damon found her on the bridge, and the simple aftermath of this incident expressed in a very tender, emotion-wrought moment of hand-holding was hugely telling.

We’re going to see some Elena-Damon. Though he has been so careful in the last while, especially with his “taking the high, annoying road,” that it’s not going to be a smooth transition. Also, they live in Mystic Falls. Is there EVER a smooth transition? No.

I’ll admit, when watching that scene where Elena takes Damon’s hand, minutes before her porch scene with Stefan (I’ll get to THAT in a minute), I had just about every Damon-related emotion I’d ever had balled up in that one, simple hand caress.

The Vampire Diaries, Stefan Salvatore, Stefan

And then…

The Inevitable Happened

Stefan does this thing where he decides things. He decides them based on what he wants, and he doesn’t entirely think through how others will perceive his decisions. One of those was choosing to help Klaus, knowing full well that Klaus only wants a vampire cure so he can use Elena’s newly-human blood to make more hybrids (assuming that would even work after she was a vampire). Another was opting not to tell Elena about it.

Stefan thinks he knows what Elena wants, but he wants an Elena that doesn’t exist anymore. And if I know anything at all about television, it’s that things don’t go backward. We won’t see the pre-vampire Elena again. She no longer exists. Even if they find a cure, I don’t think she will want it. Not because I expect her to become a new Katherine, not because I expect her to change — because I expect her to evolve. I trust the writers of the show enough to think that Elena’s evolution will be a powerful one.

Stefan, on the other hand, seems rather incapable of evolving. He made a couple of very crappy decisions in this episode — not the least of which was getting Chris killed.

Good for Elena for coming clean with Stefan. Good for Stefan for refusing to stay the stoic boyfriend while it’s clear she had growing feelings for Damon. And for the record, I don’t believe her emotions for Damon have necessarily been “magnified” — or at least I don’t think that’s the only reason for the split between Elena and Stefan. Becoming a vampire showed her parts of the story she’d been missing. That’s not magnification; that’s more epiphany.

Now we all have to wait another two weeks to see where this goes.

I like where it’s headed. What about you?


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  1. I’m so glad I’m not alone in my love of this show! The books were a fascinating train wreck, for the most part, but the show? Awesome. (I love that every single episode has the kids preparing for some sort of party or carnival or school event, which is completely insane – its like 90210 meets Supernatural or something).

    And for the record – Stefan is SUCH.A.BUZZ.KILL. Damon is way more interesting. So…FINALLY!

    And Klaus is kind of growing on me…. is that wrong?

  2. hahaha. yes we all go mad sometimes. some more than others

  3. Don’t watch the show, but I sure saw that spoiler alert this time! 😉

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