It’s an Emmie Birthday

I thought about not posting today. I don’t generally like to tempt fate by acknowledging my birthday, which has, in the past decade, been home to mayhem, misunderstanding, and woe.

That’s me as a baby!

From my 21st birthday (was that really SEVEN YEARS AGO?) where all my 21+ friends were home for Thanksgiving already and my favourite pub refused to let minors in that one night (it’d never been a problem before) to the year my mum’s baby-cat voice made me think my favourite kitteh had died (Chicky and Kiki sound remarkably alike) to last year when I had to close the restaurant with a 102 degree fever.

Spouse always does his best to make it a good day. In spite of his efforts, the approach of 18 November has made me increasingly reclusive. So today I am going to venture out to a movie and then return home. I hope to return home to cake. I opted not to work today, and my plans include catching up on my word count and starting a full Vampire Diaries rewatch.

Last night I even tried to have a drink, but the one I wanted was out. Sooo I came home, drinkless. (This is an example of a typical Emmie thing to happen on a birthday. “Oh, what do you want for your birthday?” “Ooh! This!” “Nope, you can’t have that.”)

That said, I’m open to suggestions. What (safe, unlikely-to-backfire) ideas do you have for me? I know this blog just shows that I am pretty much a pathetic hermit who isn’t half as cool as her characters (they are all in my head, facepalming right about now) — but you might be too after a decade of funny funny life shenanigans.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Happy Birthday, Emmie. Wishing you a shenanigan-less day full of yummy cake, sexy vampires, and fabulous prose.

  2. Happy birthday, you amazing woman you. I hope you get to have your cake and eat it too! (Metaphorically AND literally.)

  3. Such a cute baby you were!

    I’m probably too old to give you an adequate suggestion for how to celebrate, but happy birthday!

  4. I’d suggest sushi and a movie, but with your luck you’d probably end up with food poisoning. LOL. Actually, if you go to a decent place, the sushi should be fine. 😉 Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Emmie! Vampire Diaries rewatch sounds like a plan, and keep up that word count for NaNoWriMo!

  6. I think you should be looking at the fun pics your loving mumsy sent you. Some might be worth a laugh or two.

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