The Whole 30: Jumpstarting #ZAP Nutrition

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The whole 30 what, you ask?

Well, days. In short.

Spouse and I do this thing about once a month where we say, “Okay. That’s it. We’re changing how we eat. Period! It’s happening! DID YOU HEAR ME? IT IS HAPPENING!”

And then it doesn’t happen, because we are poor and end up buying what’s cheap or forgetting to make sure there’s food in the house so we resort to frozen pizzas and more queso dip than any human body should consume.

Seriously, if you analysed our hair, you might find that we are made 43% of queso.

And here’s the thing. For months, my migraines have been getting more frequent. Unbearable. Last time I had one, Spouse had to relocate to the living room to sleep because I was curled up in the fetal position with my fingers digging into my scalp, whimpering into my pillow at four in the morning. And that was after he was the lovely Spouse he is and spent about a half an hour giving me a scalp massage. (Which usually helps. Not so much during this last one.)

In addition to that, both of us have surpassed that unhappy boundary of The Scale. Which is to say, The Scale has begun showing us numbers we never wanted to see — ever. And the pounds won’t come off. Even when counting calories, even when I was running 5-7 days a week for 30-40 minutes at a time and counting calories.

My brain was already trundling around to an idea I always felt was truth for me but have relinquished in favour of what others have told me — and that truth is that it starts with food. All health comes down to diet first and foremost. While I’ve read the studies where Professor Whatchamahoosit eats all his calories for the day in Twinkies and Swiss Rolls and doesn’t gain a pound, for me, I think my body needs to eat certain things to thrive.

And that idea — It Starts With Food — happens to be the title of a book upon which the Whole 30 concept is based.

So Spouse and I have decided to undertake this endeavour and drastically shift our nutrition for 30 days. Because I love you all, I thought I’d share that journey with you.

The Whole 30 is rather complex, but the basic starting point is this:

Eat only whole, unprocessed (or minimally processed) meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and oils.

That’s it.

Of course, there’s always a “no” side —  and that side is this:

-no grains

-no dairy

-no chemicals like carageenan, MSG, etc.

-no added sugars or sweeteners

I like this idea because you can eat however much you want of the focus items. There’s no counting calories, but there IS a dramatic responsibility with this.

That responsibility does not absolve “slips” or “bad days.” The Whole 30 operates on the basis of total commitment and that the benefits of doing it will only manifest if you do it right.

They’re harsh about “cheat days” and “slipping.” In fact, they say flat out that unless you slip on a banana peel and your face lands in a box of Krispy Kremes, you’ve made your own choice to quit and start all over from scratch.

I think that’s what I need.

I need something that doesn’t coddle me when I decide a big slice of cheesecake is a good idea after I’ve already eaten a burger. I need something that will force me to own my nutrition choices. Because they’re right: every time I opt to eat a second bowl of Lucky Charms, it’s a not an accident akin to when our puppy piddles on the rug when we don’t take her out soon enough. It’s a choice.

So this month, Spouse and I are making a choice to commit to thirty days of a radical change in diet to see what happens.

Plus, a quasi-Paleo diet is pretty much what one could expect in a zombie apocalypse.

Stay tuned to see what’s going on with me through the end of the year.







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  1. How awesome for you and spouse! Though now I’m craving some Chili’s chips and queso…yummy. No Chili’s around here though! Hope this works out for you, either in making your body healthier or giving you some ground to work with to find the right balance for you.

  2. Hang in there, Emmie! This is a great step to go for. If it doesn’t work, we try something else. All that matters is that you make it a lifestyle change and we keep trying till we find the mix of nutrition/exercise that works. Very proud!

    Your ZAP Warmaster,


  3. Wait! No Christmas cookies … as in Scottish shortbread? Emmie, you are one strong woman! I’m so sorry to hear about your migraines and am going to e-mail you.

  4. Been having similar problems. Been busting my ass for months now, and even started “keeping an eye” on my calorie intake, and still nothing. I’m into level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. I’m stronger with more endurance (z-day, yeah!) but as to fat loss, still nothing. I finally broke down and joined My Fitness Pal on Sunday. I’ve been doing pretty well, actually, generally netting around 1300 cal, which I NEVER thought I could do. Hopefully THAT will help drop this pesky ten! Good luck on your Quasi-Paleo. I don’t think I could ever do that. No milk or juice>?? Eeek!

  5. Starting something like this in December is extreme challenge! But I totally get it – you need to take the migraines seriously. I hope this works for you. I have been eating Real Food for many years and I can guarantee it will make a huge difference in your health. If you can do your grocery shopping without buying one thing from the center aisles of the store, you are doing very well. It takes some planning, but not a lot. It takes some extra time, but not a lot of that either.

    You can do it though, so good luck!

  6. Yay! It’s easier than you think.

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