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Spoilers, spoilers, GIANT SPOILERS. So go away if you haven’t seen last night’s TVD episode yet. Seriously. This is your ten foot neon warning sign.

If you’re anything like me, you spent the last two weeks in squirmy anticipation of last night’s post-Thanksgiving Vampire Diaries episode. And if you’re anything like me, the last ten minutes filled you with joy that was quickly stomped under Caroline’s heel.

I’ll be honest, I felt like the floor fell out from under me.

I’ve been waiting over three seasons to see Damon and Elena finally get the chance to explore their feelings for one another. And there are feelings on both sides — even before Elena turned.

This whole week, I’ve felt that the writers of my favourite shows have been betraying my trust in them, sometimes even extending into my suspension of disbelief. From the sexual assault on The Walking Dead to a pretty horrific rape scene in American Horror Story on Wednesday, both of those instances were triggery and violating. But what the writers did with The Vampire Diaries this week was a different kind of violation.

Here’s the crux: Elena is sired to Damon.

My first gut reaction was absolute fury. Three years of intermittent tender moments that slowly became trust, then affection, then caring, then reliance, and then mutual attraction got foisted off on one statement: that the love scene we were watching wasn’t real. And worse, even though Damon and Elena are both clueless about this development, that makes Damon look pretty nasty.

Not to mention the dudes on Twitter who were calling Elena a whore. I’m not even going to go into that hunk of bullshit. Suffice it to say that people who throw that label around get on my bad side faster than you can get one syllable out of your mouth.

All that said, I feel like this plot twist was just really lazy writing. It felt slapped on, and there are several reasons why I think that.

Ready? Here they are.

There are instances where Damon has told Elena to do something and she has said no.

The entire basis of the sire bond is obedience — at least the way they’ve portrayed it with Klaus and his hybrids. Earlier in the season, Damon told Elena point blank to bite a girl, and she didn’t do it. The reasoning Caroline points to in her little not-at-all-transference-y rant to Stefan (Elena picking the red dress, Elena trusting Damon that Jeremy was fine) all felt fake-y to me even before the end of the episode. It felt like the writers were sitting around the table and one of them said, “OOH I KNOW. This episode, let’s make Elena sired to Damon!”

It’s not particularly believable.

Also, am I the only one remembering that Elena upchucked the blood bag before Damon told her she needed blood from the vein? Damon was the one who brought her the damn thing. I don’t see this sire bond as believable. At all. That it became the season’s biggest plot twist so far is making me annoyed.

Elena’s feelings for Damon were strong before her turn. 

I haven’t forgotten how Stefan has a tendency to go all super-evil when he doesn’t get his way. He’s very like Angel in that regard, soul or no soul. This episode was a good reminder — out of pure anger, Stefan goes and plucks a murderer out of a hospital, changes him, and forces Jeremy to kill him. Good. He’s using the one remaining human bond Elena has to manipulate events to his liking, regardless of the consequences to, you know, Jeremy’s mental health and survival.

Stefan is always rather volatile. And Damon, oddly enough, has been the steady one when it came to Elena. He stuck around, respected her choices most of the time, and generally was just there for her. Her feelings were growing all last season, and her choice at the end was a necessity sparked by a life-or-death situation.

They’re not going to convince me that Elena’s feelings for Damon are just due to a sire bond they clearly pulled out of their asses.

Elena said something I’ve been waiting for her to say for ages.

…and I don’t think it had bugger all to do with being sired. She told Stefan that he kept trying to fix her. And she is absolutely right. Stefan is trying to fix her. I mentioned it before, but the Elena of season one, the Elena Stefan fell in love with — that girl is gone. She’s been gone since before she went off Wickery Bridge again. She’s been gone since before she transitioned. And she’s not coming back. Vampire or not, Elena has changed.

She doesn’t need to be fixed. What she might need is a bit of space to figure out who she really wants to be now. But that’s not for Stefan to decide, and his methods this episode were utterly abominable.

So, in quasi-conclusion, they better fix this. And by fix, I mean if they’re going to make this sire bond between Elena and Damon a thing, they better do a much better job of shoring up the crumbly bits they’ve let slip so far.

Also, Caroline is clearly transferring her confusion about having fun with Klaus onto the Elena-Damon relationship. Klaus is a thousand times the bad mo-fo that Damon is, and she’s having warm fuzzies when he talks about hummingbirds. And she needs someone to break the rose-coloured goggles she seems intent to wear whilst looking at Stefan. He’s no saint, and he never has been.

EDIT: Someone else pointed out another instance of Elena disobeying a direct imperative statement from Damon — he said to call Stefan in “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes,” and she refused. Another hole in this plotline.

What were your thoughts on last night’s episode? Is anyone else really concerned about Jeremy? Am I the only one who thinks Stefan’s turn-and-stake plan has already started to backfire enormously? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT?


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  1. I completely agree with this entire post. A lot so far about this season feels a bit pantsy, if I’m being honest.

    Also, I worry that VD is falling into the same trap that True Blood fell into: everyone is becoming something supernatural, except for the sole quarterback blond guy who manages to stay human no matter what.

    • HA.

      Yeah, there are some interesting parallels between Matt and Jason, that’s for sure. At least Matt is smarter.

      Last night’s episode at least made a few things cleaner, in my opinion. I may or may not make a post about it. I did want to rewatch it though.

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